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Round 1: It was a online exam on Co-Cubes.  Part 1 – It consists of Aptitude and Technical Mcq Questions.  Part 2 – 2 Coding questions… Read More
I was having an on-campus round of Tolexo.com Round 1: Written pen-paper Test  Q1) Write  a  program to print  the   matrix of  n *  n  … Read More
Given a square matrix, find the maximum product of four adjacent elements of matrix. The adjacent elements of matrix can be top, down, left, right,… Read More
First of all, there is a 70%/7.5 cgpa above eligibility criteria in Tolexo. After this there is one aptitude test and 2 technical interviews +… Read More
Round 1 (Telephonic) : 1) Discussed about previous projects. 2) How Node.js internally works. 3) What is left joins and how it’s works. Round 2… Read More
First things first you should learn to bring interviewer in your favour every time. I learned this after giving interview of Amazon and I was… Read More
Round 1 (Telephonic) : Discussed about previous projects. How Node.js internally works. What is left joins and how it’s works. Round 2 (F2F) : How… Read More