Tolexo Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Round 1: It was a online exam on Co-Cubes. 

Part 1 – It consists of Aptitude and Technical Mcq Questions. 

Part 2 – 2 Coding questions (within 30 mins) 

Ques 1 . It was a medium level question based on sorting 

Ques 2. It was a also a medium level mathematics based question 

Note – Other candidate had different questions. 

Round 2: This was a pen and paper coding round. It consists of 5 coding ques. Questions were based on tree, linked list, array and  Dynamic Programming (4 ques was compulsory to do). Time – 1 hr. 

Round 3: (Technical Interview Round 1) 

First I was  asked about my-self.I had to explain my projects. In my case I had ML projects so I had to explain ANN. Then I was asked about logic that I implemented in one of the ques in round 2. I had to dry run my code on different test cases. After that I was asked Different questions on array and trees. I had to write code of some of my logics and dry run it. I had to give optimized solution of every problem that I was asked. Time – 50 mins 

Round 4: (Technical Interview Round 2) 

This round was intense. At first I was asked SQL questions. Followed by coding questions related to array, tree and linked list. Time – 45 mins 



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