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Have you ever think how graphics or VFX movies are made with such background scenes? Actually, all the VFX-designed movies are made using a green… Read More
In this article, we shall apply Fourier Transform on images. Fourier Transform is a mathematical technique that helps to transform Time Domain function x(t) to… Read More
Skeletonization is a process for reducing foreground regions in a binary image to a skeletal remnant that largely preserves the extent and connectivity of the… Read More
Binarization is important in digital image processing, mainly in computer vision applications. Thresholding is an efficient technique in binarization. The choice of thresholding technique is… Read More
Noise is defined as aberrant pixels. In other words, noise is made up of pixels not correctly representing the color or exposure of the scene.… Read More
In image processing, connected component analysis is the technique to count and inspect the segments automatically. Let suppose, we have an image consisting of small… Read More
Pseudo Coloring is one of the attractive categories in image processing. It is used to make old black and white images or videos colorful. Pseudo Coloring techniques are used for analysis… Read More
Histogram Equalization is a mathematical technique to widen the dynamic range of the histogram. Sometimes the histogram is spanned over a short range, by equalization… Read More
Impulse noise is a unique form of noise that can have many different origins. Images are frequently corrupted through impulse noise due to transmission errors, defective memory places, or timing mistakes in analog-to-digital conversion. Salt-and-pepper noise is… Read More
Image enhancement is a manner to enhance the appearance of photographs/images to human viewers or to image processing device performance. Image Enhancement strategies may be categorized into classes as spatial area and frequency area. There are 5 image enhancement… Read More
Colour Images consist of 3 channels each representing particular colour information in RGB format. RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. All the colours are… Read More
The border/frame of the image is an outer boundary that is added to the image. It is not part of the main image. Region boundaries… Read More
In this article, we explore the RGB colour model conversion into grayscale. Grayscale image: Grayscale is a range of gray shades from white to black,… Read More
A Convolution Theorem states that convolution in the spatial domain is equal to the inverse Fourier transformation of the pointwise multiplication of both Fourier transformed… Read More
In the domain of digital image processing, sometimes we need to separate the main object from the image for clear observation. Image segmentation is the… Read More

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