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A Spectrogram is a detailed, visual representation of how the frequency spectrum of a signal varies with time. They are highly useful in academic and… Read More
MATLAB handles the colors of plots on its own as it has the functionality to do so. What this means is that when a user… Read More
MATLAB offers many types of axes such as polar axes, cartesian axes, etc. The default appearances of these axes are dynamically determined by MATLAB on… Read More
Impulse response δ(t) is defined as the output signal that is the result of applying an impulse to a system. The system could be signal… Read More
Error bars are a way of plotting errors on each point in a data set as vertical bars in a linear plot. MATLAB provides a… Read More
Upsampling with filtering gives the interpolated signal. The Upsampling process just adds zero-valued samples to the given input signal. There is no practical significance of… Read More
Histogram normalization is a technique to distribute the frequencies of the histogram over a wider range than the current range. This technique is used in… Read More
Any data or variable that is limited to having certain values is known as discrete data. Many examples of discrete data can be observed in… Read More
Mesh Surface Plot is used to depict f(X, Y, Z) in a three-dimensional space. Matlab allows users to create mesh surface plots using the mesh()… Read More
ButtonGroup allows users to manage toggle buttons and radio buttons in the figure. ButtonGroup object can be created using uibuttongroup() method. Different syntaxes of uibuttongroup()… Read More
In MATLAB, we can plot different types of modules like 2d plotting and 3d plotting. In this article, we will see what are the various… Read More
Annotations in MATLAB is a way of adding explanation or notes to the plots. Annotations add more information to the plots. There are different syntax… Read More
In this article, we will discuss how to plot expressions or functions in MATLAB. We can make use fplot() function in MATLAB to generate the… Read More
Contour plots are used to show 3D surfaces by plotting z- slides on a 2D surface. A contour plot is also called a line plot.… Read More

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