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Josh Technology Interview Experience for Frontend Developer (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021
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Company – Josh Technology Group 

Profile – Frontend Developer (Intern + FTE)

Total Rounds – 7

NOTE – STL/Libraries Not allowed


Round 1: Online MCQ Test on Calyxpod platform:- Questions from Aptitude, OS, DBMS, DSA (Easy-Medium)

Round 2: Online Coding Test on Calyxpod platform: 2 Coding questions (Easy-Medium) (1 Hr)

  1. Union and Intersection of two lists.
  2. Second number in an array whose frequency is 2.

Round 3 – Advance Subjective Round on Calyxpod platform: 5 questions (Easy-Medium) (70 Minutes)

  2. JavaScript Snippet Given, write the correct output
  3. Webpage look-a-like is given, to write HTML and CSS for the same.
  4. Write code for JavaScript Form validation, including the functionality that is given.
  5. JavaScript Snippet Given, write the correct output.

Shortlisted students received assignment from JTG.

Round 4: Assignment to be completed in 1 Week time period, Use of any UI Framework, JS Library/framework is not allowed. (Medium Difficulty due to certain restrictions).

Follow code of conduct of JTG. Shortlisted students received mail regarding another online test.

Round 5: MCQs based on DSA, Frontend Technologies (1 hr) (Medium)

Shortlisted students received mail regarding technical discussion.

Round 6: Again an assignment has been given to students and needs to be completed in less than 2 hr, Screen shared with the interviewer, the interview will ask you for the updates every 20 minutes.

Shortlisted students received mail regarding technical discussion

Round 7(Personal Interview – Technical): The interview started with Introduction, Questions asked from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Computer Networks. They mostly ask CSS which is frustrating sometimes, interviewers will judge on the basis of your CSS skill for sure.

After this round, I was not selected further due to my CSS skills

Bonus Points to crack JTG Frontend profile: You’ve to cram almost all the HTML tags and CSS attributes


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