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Fiserv visited our campus in October 2021 for Technology Analyst Program recruitment, the whole process involved a total of 3 rounds. Round 1: Candidates were… Read More
All the students from B.Tech CSE/IT, who had CGPA 7.5 and above and with active backlogs were allowed to apply for this drive. They came… Read More
Round 1(Online Coding Test): In the first round, there was an online test on the HackerRank platform. It consisted of two coding questions and 5… Read More
Online Coding Round: Given time: 60 minutes  5 MCQ: MCQ’s were also of medium difficulty level and were based on OOPS and OS. Platform HackerRank… Read More
First Round(Online coding test): First, there was an online test. It consisted of two coding questions and 5 MCQ, Coding questions were of medium difficulty.… Read More

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