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Fiserv Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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Round 1(Online Coding Test): In the first round, there was an online test on the HackerRank platform. It consisted of two coding questions and 5 MCQ, In Coding questions one is easy and another one is medium-hard. Total 1 hour is allotted for completing the test.

Round 2(Technical Interview): The interview started with the tell me about yourself followed by project discussion and several questions on OOPs, Python, DBMS(both SQL and database questions), algorithms, and a lot on ML.

The questions are:-

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Explain your major project?
  3. How to print the reverse of string in python?
  4. How to print the middle word in a given sentence?
  5. Difference between tuple and list?
  6. How to replace 0’s with 5’s in a given integer? (not supposed to use string approach)
  7. How confident are you in DBMS?
  8. Difference between truncate, delete, and drop?
  9. Why normalization?
  10. What are the clauses in SQL?
  11. Where do we use group by?
  12. Difference between having and where clause?
  13. Select the average score of a CSE student in a student table?
  14. Difference between Supervised learning and unsupervised learning?
  15. How do you work on the unknown data in a column of the data? (on this question I had given an in-detail explanation at the end she was impressed with it)

In the end, she told me that to prepare for the next round of interviews.

Round 3(MR+HR): Again the interviewer started with an introduction apart from technical skills. Next, he asked me about the projects that I did. After some discussion on projects he asked,

  1. Why do neural networks work?
  2. Which is better using libraries or user-written code(in python)?
  3. A puzzle on DP.
  4. Why Fiserv? What do you know about it? (A gave him a detailed example about the company)
  5. Are you ok with the relocation?
  6. Do you have any questions? (I said Yes)

After a few days, the results are declared.

A lot of things may happen during your placement preparation, all you need to do is keep believing in yourself and try your best without any distractions.

A lot of resources are available online, just begin with the basics, second problem solving (I prefer HackerRank), and then solve the DSA (both HackerRank and GfG) and you should be good at SQL queries.


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