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Fiserv Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus) 2024

Last Updated : 04 Feb, 2024
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Securing an internship at Fiserv involved a rigorous and enlightening selection process. Here’s a structured breakdown of my experience across the four key stages, conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Stage 1: Resume Shortlisting

  • Objective: Stand out with a concise, impactful resume.
  • Strategy: Highlight relevant projects, skills, and achievements aligned with you work domain. Use Overleaf Templates.

Stage 2: Group Discussion

  • Setup: 6-8 candidates, 30-minute discussion, judged by a panel of three.
  • Topic: The impact of technology and social media on human interaction.
  • Skills Tested: Communication, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Stage 3: Technical Round

Duration: 30 minutes.


  • Deep dive into personal projects and internships
  • Questions on OOP and DBMS concepts.
  • A real-life problem scenario related to a project.
  • Brain teaser challenge: the water jug problem.
  • SDLC Concepts and Models

Focus: Technical knowledge, problem-solving, and logical thinking.

Stage 4: Managerial Round

Duration: 30 minutes.

Key Aspects:

  • Personal introduction and career aspirations.
  • Discussion on emerging technologies and their market impact.
  • Insightful dialogue on the UPI system and Chat GPT.
  • Role-specific queries and mutual fit exploration.
  • About Fiserv

Objective: Evaluate personal fit, communication skills, and industry awareness.

Key Takeaways

  • Preparation: Understand your work domain and align your skills and interests.
  • Communication: Articulate thoughts clearly, especially in group discussions and Managerial interviews.
  • Technical Proficiency: Solidify fundamentals in OOP and DBMS, and be ready to tackle practical problems. Keep a good focus on the skills mentioned in the Resume.
  • Industry Awareness: Stay informed about emerging technologies and fintech trends.

Embarking on the Fiserv internship interview journey was a multifaceted learning experience, blending technical challenges with insightful dialogues on the future of fintech. For aspiring candidates, focusing on these key areas can pave the way to a successful interview outcome.

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