Citrix FTE Interview Experience

Online Round: There were 2 coding questions of intermediate level and some mcqs of varying topics like arrays, trees, linked list, sorting, OS, OOPS, etc.
I do not remember the exact question but one of the coding questions involved the concept of fake palindromes in a string.

Round 1: This was mostly a project related round. The interviewer asked to explain any one of the projects listed in the resume in detail. Then he proceeded on to asking how I would implement a particular functionality, specified by him, in my project. It was a challenging round which required in depth knowledge of one’s project.
Then this round was followed by some questions on stacks like sorting elements using a stack( 1 or 2 stacks and their complexity).

Round 2: This was a data structures round mostly. The interviewer asked some common data structures questions.
1st- Simple 1D dp question.
2nd- Add/delete elements in a binary tree and bst.
3rd- A variation of minimum platform required for trains question.
It was followed by some networking questions on OSI and TCP/IP models, its layers, proxy servers, DNS.

Round 3: Managerial Round
It was the most challenging round and lasted for 1.5 hours. It was a mostly technical plus HR round.
The interview started with the online round questions and asked if I could solve them then. Then proceeded onto my internship experience and projects. In detail explanation of the internship project and personal projects was required, followed by some counter questions on the same.
After that some more questions on Networking were asked. Basically the resume was thoroughly scanned in this round.
Overall the interviewers were quite helpful in all of the rounds.

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