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ADP visited NIT Calicut on 27th Jan 2020 for the role of Senior Member Technical. The PPT started around 12.20 PM and the entire selection… Read More
ADP visited NIT AndhraPradesh on 30th October for on campus recruitment.Its a one day recruitment process for Member technical role. Round 1: Written test online… Read More
Round 1: Code Test I was given a couple of problems to solve in an hour. I was asked to come in person and the… Read More
Round 1:  This was an MCQ round with questions on quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, English and basic C questions.  The duration was 80 minutes. The… Read More
Round 1: Written Test Written test comprise of 4 sections. 1. Aptitude 2. Reasoning 3. Programming MCQ 4. Computer MCQ. Programming MCQ contained the output… Read More
ADP India visited our camps for member technical profile.There were 4 rounds in total and each of them was elimination round. Round 1: Written round -80… Read More