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Scrum (software development)

Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2023
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Scrum is the type of Agile framework. It is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problem while productivity and creativity of delivering product is at highest possible values. Scrum uses Iterative process. Silent features of Scrum are:

  • Scrum is light-weighted framework
  • Scrum emphasizes self-organization
  • Scrum is simple to understand
  • Scrum framework help the team to work together

Lifecycle of Scrum: 
Sprint: A Sprint is a time box of one month or less. A new Sprint starts immediately after the completion of the previous Sprint. Release: When the product is completed, it goes to the Release stage. Sprint Review: If the product still has some non-achievable features, it will be checked in this stage and then passed to the Sprint Retrospective stage. Sprint Retrospective: In this stage quality or status of the product is checked. Product Backlog: According to the prioritize features the product is organized. Sprint Backlog: Sprint Backlog is divided into two parts Product assigned features to sprint and Sprint planning meeting.

 Advantage of using Scrum framework:

  • Scrum framework is fast moving and money efficient.
  • Scrum framework works by dividing the large product into small sub-products. It’s like a divide and conquer strategy
  • In Scrum customer satisfaction is very important.
  • Scrum is adaptive in nature because it have short sprint.
  • As Scrum framework rely on constant feedback therefore the quality of product increases in less amount of time

Disadvantage of using Scrum framework:

  • Scrum framework do not allow changes into their sprint.
  • Scrum framework is not fully described model. If you wanna adopt it you need to fill in the framework with your own details like Extreme Programming(XP), Kanban, DSDM.
  • It can be difficult for the Scrum to plan, structure and organize a project that lacks a clear definition.
  • The daily Scrum meetings and frequent reviews require substantial resources.

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