Difference between Scrum Testing and Waterfall Testing

1. Scrum Testing :
Scrum testing is a type of software testing that is the part of agile testing. It is basically a framework used in agile software development process. Scrum testing is used to design the complicated software. It also checks the quality, performance and the usability of the software.

2. Waterfall Testing :
Waterfall Testing is a type of software testing in which testing is a different phase and there are steps and steps classified and testing is performed only in that order. Only after the completion of the one phase or one level next level testing is carried out.

Difference between Scrum Testing and and Waterfall Testing :

This type testing is a part of agile testing. In waterfall testing, testing is a separate phase.
In Scrum testing, development team and testing team work together. In waterfall testing, development team and testing team work separately.
It also checks performance of the software. It doesn’t check performance factor.
This needs co-ordination between development and testing process. Development and testing process are separate.
This testing is used in Agile Software Development process. This testing is used in traditional software development process.
Testers are involved in the requirements. Testers may or may not be involve in the requirements.
This tests each module after its development. Whole software is tested together.
It is used commonly. Waterfall testing is less used now-a-days in software engineering.
This is used in complicated software testing. Simplicity of Waterfall testing is simple.
This is more reliable. This is less reliable.
User involvement in Scrum testing is only in beginning. User involvement in Waterfall testing is only in beginning.
In Scrum testing activities starts along side development. In Waterfall testing activities start after the development activities are over.

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