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Samsung Research Institute Bangalore Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2021
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Hello there, In Oct’21 SRIB visited my college NIT Jalandhar for recruitment of SDE1 (6 Month Intern + FTE).

There were 4 rounds in total.

Round 1(Online Coding Round): Two coding questions were there which we needed to complete within 1 hour.

  1. The first question was based on the logic of Multiple Source BFS in Graph. There was some story was written I don’t exactly remember the question.
  2. The second question was the variation of Aggressive Cows (from SPOJ).

200+ students appeared for this round and 38 were shortlisted.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): The technical interviews were held on Google Meet.

  • The interviewer joined the meet and greeted me very politely, there was some small talk, and then he introduced himself (he was SDE-3 at Samsung R&D) and asked me to introduce myself.
  • I introduced myself. Then he asked the story behind my username (Heisenberg) of coding profiles. I told him the story behind that, he responded in a very positive way.
  • Then he started asking me which Data Structures and Algorithms do you know about – I said Array, stacks, queues, Linked List, Graph, Tree, Heaps, Dynamic Programming, Greedy, etc.
  • He asked me about heap first and how heapify works and how will I implement the heap. I answered him the whole process and he was happy with my answer.
  • Then he asked me which Graph Algorithms I know, I answered, DFS, BFS, Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford, Tarjan’s Algorithm, Floyd Warshall, Kosaraju, etc.
  • He instantly jumped to the next question: 
    He said, “In mobile phones, you should’ve used pattern locks, so according to you how many different combinations do you think you can make while using 4 dots out of 9?”.
    I answered with the logic of combination and applied the formula nCr.
    He asked, ” Do you think that the answer you are giving is the total number of patterns you can make using 4 dots out of 9 dots?” 
    I answered, No, these are just the number of combinations but the number of permutations using 4 dots out of 9 will be much larger than the answer I am giving. He asked me to give the number of permutations in the possible combinations?.
    I answered after calculating. He said, “Do you think this number is exactly the number of total patterns using 4 dots out of 9 ?”
    I answered yes first and then changed my answer to no because there can be invalid patterns as well. He said, “Give me 1 invalid pattern you can think of?”
    I answered that imagine dots as numbers from 1 to 9, then using four dots out of 9, the invalid pattern can be 3->1->2->6. He was happy and said you have good observational skills.
    Then he said can you write a program to generate all the patterns using 4 dots out of 9. I told him the approach using matrix and backtracking. He said, how will you rectify the invalid patterns, I answered that, if some dot is in the same row/column/diagonal and have a distance greater than 1 from connecting dot, it will be invalid.  He said good, but don’t you think while writing in a program it will be difficult. I replied, Yes and gave another approach using graphs. He was happy and then he said to write the pseudocode. I explained the pseudocode and he was impressed.
  • He asked me that, can I guess what will be his next question?
    I said I think it will be something easy as he was grilling a lot. He laughed sarcastically and then jumped to the next question.
  • He said you have two cans one of 7litres and another of 5litres. Can you give me 10litres?
    I answered it easily. Then he said now give me 11litres? It took some time and then I answered.  (Standard puzzle right?)
    He said now can you write a program that can give me the minimum number of steps to give me some volume (value given by the user) and you can assume the cans of 7litres & 5litres.
    I was stuck for some time and asked many cross-questions to better understand what he wanted. Then given an approach using recursion, he was not completely satisfied so he gave a hint to me, and then I answered him it the way he wanted.
  • We already crossed the time limit, so he said do I had any questions for him?
    I asked about the opportunities within Samsung and working culture.

I got the call after just 5 mins of the interview completed, for second round shortlisting.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): The interviewer was late for around 10 mins. The interviewer introduced himself (he was SDE-2) and asked me to introduce myself.

  • After the introduction, he asked me about my favorite CS subject – I answered, “Operating Systems, DBMS, HLD, and LLD.
    He asked me about Thrashing, then he said how does the CPU knows in paging that it needs to execute which page, I explained the whole process of Logical Address and Physical Address and how MMU manages it.
  • He asked me a simple question of Linked list. He gave me input like: 25->30->20->12->35. 
    And said convert this to 25->35->30->12->20.
    I gave him two approaches, and then he said to write the code. I wrote the code and ran it, he tested it on several Test cases and it was working fine.
  • He asked me a standard question of tree All Nodes Distance K in Binary Tree(
    I gave him the approach and wrote the code as well. He was happy.
  • He said do I had any questions for him.

The interview was over and I was confident about the positive results but I did not get the HR call for further rounds on next day and I thought that the chance is gone. But after two days I got the call for further round and I was soo thankful.

Round 4(HR Interview): This round was telephonic for me. It lasted for 15 minutes.

  • He asked my brief intro and said tell me something which is not in your resume, I answered “Travelling, video editing, and cooking.”
  • He asked me my dream destination, I answered Bali. He asked, why? I answered that I think that place is full of peace and I can be very close to nature there.
  • He asked me why do you want to join Samsung?
    I answered him that as Samsung works in a lot of different domains, I think I will get a lot of opportunities within Samsung, also it is a very well-known brand in world, so I think Samsung will treat its employees in that way.
  • I asked him what is his personal experience about working at Samsung. He answered honestly and the interview was completed on a very positive note.

After 3-4 hours we got the results and there was my name as well, and I was in tears (first job ritual).

Tip:  Samsung loves graphs, so be well versed with that, and learn everything with proper logic they will grill a lot, so mugging up will not help.

All the best!!! 

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