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WorkIndia Interview Experience for FTE | On-Campus 2020

Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2020
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WorkiIndia visited our campus on 22nd August 2020 for the position of SDE 1 at Bangalore Location. There were 3 rounds for selection in the company. Around 400 students gave the first round -online test.

Round 1 (Online Test): The first round was an online test conducted on HackerRank which consisted of 15 questions that had to be solved in a duration of 1hr 30 min. 

  1. There were 2 coding questions. Both the questions were
  2. There were 3 SQL questions: 1 easy, 1 medium, and 1 hard (Learn how to use cases in SQL)
  3. There were 10 MCQ out of which 4 were based on Quantitative aptitude and Logical part which were pretty easy to solve. The remaining 6 questions were related to the technical aptitude part covering questions from CN, OS, DSA, and C/Java output.

I would say that the SQL was the most important section in this exam as students who solved all the SQL questions but couldn’t solve one coding question were also selected.

After the first round, 26 students including me were shortlisted for the next round which was a development based round.

Round 2 (API Round): This round was conducted in order to test the development skills of the students. We were asked to develop an API in a time span of 3 hours. There were certain conditions

  • Only SQL was to be used for the database. NoSQL was not allowed.
  • Any Framework could be used (Node.js, PHP, Django, Ruby, Flask, etc.)

There was majorly 2 tasks: 

  1. Notes keeper App (GET, PUT, POST)
  2. Password Keeper App (GET, PUT, POST)

Some conditions were also included in them like encryption of notes, hashing of password, no JWT to be used, and so on.

After 3 hours, we had to upload the work on Github and submit the link along with personal details on a Google form link provided by them. After the evaluation of the link, we had to present the project on Google meet to the respective person assigned and explain the functioning/

Tips: Learn backend development.

After this round, only 6 students including me were shortlisted for the next round which was a technical interview round

Round 3 (Technical Interview): This was a technical round conducted on Google meet, the panel consisted of 2 interviewers. The interview started with a brief introduction about me, the different technologies I have used so far and moved forward with an elaborate discussion of my internships and projects which were mentioned on my resume. 

  1. They asked me to show the work which I did during my internship.
  2. Then he asked what motivates me to be in the software field and how do I start learning a new language or framework.
  3. He then gave me a problem statement which was effectively an implementation of Instagram (social networking app). My task was to first list all the possible use cases which one should expect from a social networking site. Then they asked me to design the database for those use cases, which tables will be required, and how they should be used. Then he asked to define all the relationship tables and what will be the primary key and foreign key for each table.
  4. The interview ended up with an easy puzzle that can be found on geeks for geeks.

Tips: Learn system design and database design and be confident in your approach.

Finally, the company made no selections from the campus. However, it did give me an idea of what were my weaknesses and where do I have the scope of improvement.

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