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Wells Fargo FTE Interview Experience | On-Campus (Virtual) 2021

Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2021
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  • Online Test
    Hosted on AMCAT Platform.
    It had 3 sections :
    1. English – Had quite simple questions (12 questions in 15 mins)
    2. Business Aptitude – Had several case studies, & was very lengthy (15 questions in 25 mins)
    3. Coding: (2 question in 60 mins)
      • Given an unsorted array of integers and an integer K.
        Find the number of all possible unordered pairs of integers whose difference is equals to K.
      • Given a city in the form of matrix M*N.
        A telecom company wants to setup TV towers all over the city. Each day, the company installs towers all around the towers that already exists in the city.
        Find the number of days that will be required to install towers all over the city.
        (Solution is by BFS)

         (Out of 98 students, 21 were shortlisted from coding round)

  • Technical Interview
    Held on zoom call and lasted for 1.2 hrs.
    • Started with my introduction (focused on technical domain)
    • OOPS:
      • What is OOPS, in simplest possible way
      • What are virtual functions?
      • Discussion on ambiguity without using virtual functions and while using virtual functions, different methods of making base pointer point to different derived classes (base pointer = &derived ,base pointer = new derived()) along with relevant programs
    • Programming:
      • Asked to code a simple triangle pattern.
      • Asked to code for finding nth Fibonacci number.
        DP approach would take O(n) time, another possible answer exist for O(logn) time.
    • DBMS:
      • Interviewer gave me a schema of a relational database and asked me to normalize the table, also why I am doing so?
        I normalized the table and decomposed it into appropriate schemas.
      • Write the sql query to join the above decomposed tables.
    • Operating System:
      • What are processes and threads ?
        Which is better and why? (then some more tricky questions on threads)
      • What is semaphore ?
        Why it is used?
      • When does deadlock occur?
        Conditions for occurrence of deadlock?
      • If during our programming, we deliberately want to create a deadlock condition, how can it be achieved?
      • What if we create a cpp file in our system, then open two terminals and simultaneously run the same file on both the systems, what will happen?
        Will there be a deadlock?
        Will the actions occurring in the two terminals be treated as two processes or two threads?
    • Offered me to ask a question
      • I asked about the learning trajectory as a fresher in Wells Fargo.
      • What is the scope for an employee to learn new technologies and actually implement them.

         (Out of 21 students, 8 were shortlisted for next round)

  • Senior Leader Interview
    Held on zoom call and lasted for 45 mins.
    • Started with my introduction (focussing on whatever I have done in technical stuff till now)
    • Asked a few questions about my self-project.
    • Internship Experience (JP Morgan Chase & Co.):
      • Project/Problem Description
      • Approach towards solution (techincal & business point of view)
      • My role in the project
      • The most difficult part of the project (technical & business point of view)
      • Discussion about end users & stake holders of the product.
    • Discussion on Agile methodolygy of Software Development (keeping internship experience in mind)
      • Scrum
      • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
      • Sprints
      • Use of JIRA & Confluence
      • Advantages in real world
    • Offered me to ask a question
      • I asked that what will be our contribution to the company as an employee.
      • What is the scope for us to actually make a significant change to the company with our contributions and what are the possible grounds inside the firm to do so.

         (Out of 8 students, 4 were shortlisted for next round)

  • HR Interview
    Held on zoom call and lasted for 15 mins.
    • Started with introduction (focussed on overall personality)
    • Asked about internship experience and problem statement that we solved.
    • Offered me to ask a question
      • I just thanked her for a great interviewing & learning experience with Wells Fargo during the entire process irrespective of I’ll be selected or not.

           This round was more of just to check the way of speaking and overall personality of the student.

           (Out of 4 students, all 4 were given offer for Full Time Employement)
           P.S. –  I was selected.

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