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Project Idea | Animal Welfare and Wellness Web Application

Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2021
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Abstract — Drawing the idea from the influence of social networking sites on our day-to-day life and Web Application for the betterment of pets that will be developed by using the concept of native Web Application development.  

The currently working module can be seen on URL —

The “LoyalFriend is a web-based application wherein the welfare of pet animals is taken care of. It is a place where stray, lost, abandoned, or surrendered pets are brought and severed. Each pet requires special care and attention which is fulfilled in the organization. The application allows the user to adopt a pet, volunteer towards the pet, purchase the products that are related to pets and donate the desired amount to the organization. Since this application is developed for a non-profitable organization, the amount donated will be utilized for the welfare of the pets. The user of the application can work towards a pet as a volunteer and also he/she can adopt the pet from the application. The application contains pets’ related products such as food, grooming products, etc. for purchase. The purchase of products is done using a credit card, debit card, or cash on delivery. The application also provides guidelines to the user regarding the health care of pets, how the pets need to be nurtured, how they have to be taken care of after being adopted. HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript are used to develop the application. The back end of the application uses NodeJS package managers like npm and yarn, also NodeJS provides functionalities to create easy-to-deploy development servers that are relatively easy to debug.

Purpose — The main purpose of this project is to automate the process of serving towards the welfare of the pets by giving the abandoned pets a place of shelter to live in, care for them with affection. The scope of the project is limited to the intranet for time being it is not deployable on any handheld devices. To provide ease of working towards the welfare of abandoned, stray, lost, or surrendered pets. It saves time, paperwork is less, and easy retrieval of records, automating the system reduces the process of middle man who takes a commission.  

Introduction — The current system of grooming the pets is done manually which is time-consuming.  Maintaining records is difficult and maybe misplaced which leads to a lot of confusion or a great fuss. The main idea of this project is to provide a user-friendly interface to automate the process of serving towards the welfare of the pets by giving the abandoned pets a place of shelter and care them with affection. The application also gives guidelines for caring for the pets, the adoption procedure of a pet, and volunteering towards the pets.    

The user can do the adoption process through the application as this process is time-consuming if done manually. The application provides the user an option of donating any amount to the organization. The donation can be done using cash, cards. The user can register them to the organization through the application and choose their area of interest as to work as a volunteer, adopting a pet, or purchasing the products related to pets. For adoption as well as volunteering, the user can choose the pets that are in the organization view their details, and if they wish they can continue with the process of adoption or volunteer.

Objective and Scope — The main objective of this project is to automate the process of serving towards the welfare of the pets by giving the abandoned pets a place of shelter, care for them with affection. The scope of the project is limited to the intranet for time being it is not deployable on any handheld devices. To provide ease of working towards the welfare of abandoned, stray, lost, or surrendered pets. It saves time, paperwork is less, and easy retrieval of records, automating the system reduces the process of middle man who takes a commission.

Requirements –

1. Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) or above  
  • CPU Hard disk: 500GB HDD
  • RAM: 4GB RAM

2. Software Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and above
  • Front End: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript
  • Back End: JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Pug, Mongoose

Module Description — The project is divided into different modules:  

  • Login Page/Sign Up — On this page, the user can create a new profile or log in to their profiles using their username and password. On the profile page, the user can view their profiles, what they have posted or shared.  
  • Image feed — This will be the news feed page, where user can see posts shared by the Organizations and the recommended pages which contains all the necessary details about the adoption centers and the pets available to adopt.
  • Project SOS — On this page, people can post about abandoned animals and help them find a home/shelter.  
  • About us — This page will show the details about the developer’s team.  

Access to help box-Authentic users will get access to chat with the adoption center directly on the webpage with a feature of Help Box if a user is not willing to share the contact number.


  • Login/Signup modules
  • Live previews
  • Full-screen mode
  • Cross-platform
  • Password Hashing
  • Interactive UI

Run Locally –

  • Clone the project
git clone
  • Go to the project directory
cd LoyalFriend
  • Install dependencies
npm install
  • Start the server
npm run start

Data-Flow Diagrams –

Level 0 – 

Level 1 –

Flow Chart-

Future Scope — The project aims to build a pet-friendly Web Application where the users can get connected, share their pet’s pictures, and also share the picture of some abandoned animals they come across, through which a shelter can be searched for the poor animal. The project also displays items that can be bought by users for their pets’ nourishment and care. The future implementation of this project is that later GPS location will be added to the site through which location of the abandoned animals and shelter for them can be reached easily. Other features like creative dog emoji and changes in the CSS of the page will be implemented. As the project is a pet-friendly site, more pet-friendly products will be added to the purchasing frame of the site.

Conclusion — The proposed system is designed in HTML and developed using JavaScript. The back end of the project is developed using NodeJS to work with yarn and npm packages. The project is a web application that has similar functionality to either a desktop software application or a mobile application. The project aims to introduce a pet-friendly Web Application where shelters are found for an abandoned animal whose information is uploaded on the site by the users connected here, that in result raises awareness among people about the plight of strays and how each one of us can ensure a better and safer environment for these animals.

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