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ProGeek Cup 2021 – A Project Competition By GeeksforGeeks

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The much-awaited Results for the ProGeek Cup 2021 have been declared!!!! Check out the complete list of Top 10 Winners from below.


Article’s Link


Human Scream Detection and Analysis for Controlling Crime Rate


Build an AR-Based Music Learning Platform Using the MERN Stack


Covid-19 Bed Manager Android App


Detecting COVID-19 From Chest X-Ray Images Using CNN


Website Acting as Transaction Between Oxygen Sellers and Buyers


HAUS Connect – Python Project


E-commerce Website using Django


Pollution Control by Identifying Potential Land for Afforestation – Python Project


College Management System using Django – Python Project


Searching News From Old Newspaper Using NLP

Congratulations to all winners. You will soon get a mail from our team to claim your prizes.

At some point of time, especially in college days, every student has a dream to create something new or innovative that can make a difference and contribute to our society and yes, to achieve the career goals as well. Meanwhile, due to the lack of awareness, guidance, and platforms, many bright ideas do get lost in the shuffle. But the problem has got solved now as GeeksforGeeks is coming up with its most-awaited project competition ProGeek Cup 2021 where you can shape your innovation through the event and can give your ideas a jump-start.  


Also, considering the current pandemic situation – this ProGeek Cup 2021 event is designed in such a way that you’re not required to step out of your home as you can explore various innovative projects and also showcase your ideas to the world all from the comfort of your couch. You can browse various links such as GeeksforGeeks Projects, ProGeek Archives, Computer Science Projects to get various innovative and competitive project ideas. Alike the previous versions i.e., ProGeek Cup 1.0 and ProGeek Cup 2.0, the ProGeek Cup 2021 will also not only let you share your ideas with others but will reward you with various exciting prizes and opportunities as well.  

*You can submit your Project Idea for ProGeek Cup 2021 from May 10, 2021, onwards!!*

The last date for submission is 28 July 2021

Now, let’s take a look at the competition details. So, let us tell you that in ProGeek Cup 2021, the format to submit your project idea is as follows:

  1. Article Format (Mandatory)
  2. Video Format (Optional)

You’re required to submit your project idea in the article format using GeeksforGeeks ‘Write‘ portal. Also, in case, if you want to prepare a video as well to describe or demonstrate your project idea – you obviously can do it and integrate the video in your article using the ‘Write’ portal itself.  

Check out the Project Submission Guidelines from ProGeek Cup 2021 Guidelines

Prizes & Other Benefits

Here comes the most interesting thing, Prizes!! Along with a prestigious platform to showcase your ideas, we are also offering various exciting prizes to reward and encourage the students to take up more challenges. The prizes details are as follows:

  • I Prize: INR 10,000 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies + Certificate
  • II Prize: INR 5,000 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies + Certificate
  • III Prize: INR 3,000 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies + Certificate
  • 4th – 5th Prize: INR 1,000 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies + Certificate
  • 6th – 10th Prize: INR 500 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies

Moreover, the Cash Prizes and Goodies are only for Indian Candidates. Apart from the prizes and goodies, there are several other benefits as well for the participants:

  • You can showcase and represent your ideas to everyone that will give you a lot of exposure & experience.
  • It will boost your resume, and you’ll get an edge over other students during the placements.

Rules & Regulations

There are not such any strict or tough rules for the competition, but you’re required to follow some basic protocols that are listed below:

  1. Team size can be of 1 to 4 students. Only students currently enrolled at a college/university are eligible.
  2. A Faculty Adviser can also be associated with the project.
  3. The ideas should be considerable and innovative. Meanwhile, the implementation of the project is Optional provided the idea is good, useful, or innovative.
  4. Prizes are listed based on per team (Not individuals).
  5. Innovative Projects around GeeksforGeeks would also be encouraged.
  6. Try to avoid the project ideas based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain domain. We’re not preferring these domains for ProGeek Cup 2021.
  7. Any plagiarism detected in the article will disqualify the author.

Note: In case of any issues, GeeksforGeeks holds the right to the final decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for participation in ProGeek Cup 2021?

Students who are currently enrolled at a college/university can participate in the competition.

Q. How many participants can be involved in a particular team?

The team size can be of 1 to 4 students. Moreover, a Faculty Adviser can also be associated with the project.

Q. Can a single person submit 2 or more different ideas separately from different teams?

Yes, the participants are allowed to submit various ideas from different teams.

Q. How many days take place in reviewing the article?

The GeeksforGeeks team reviews the article within 7 days after your submission.

Q. How to add the names of your project teammates?

To add the name and details of your teammates in the project idea, add their respective GeeksforGeeks profile links.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of GeeksforGeeks ProGeek Cup 2021, browse thousands of innovative projects and implement your ideas in the real-world scenario as well! 

Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2023
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