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Project Idea | NextVAC Platform

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Project Title : NextVAC platform Team details:
  • Soumyajit Dutta, LPU, Punjab, Backend Developer of NextVAC
  • Biswarup Banerjee, LPU, Punjab, Frontend Developer, NextVAC
Introduction and application: NextVAC is an edtech platform where one of the most innovative feature is the automated code evaluation tool. A recent study has showed up that 95% of computer science engineering graduates are unable to code simple programs. Also several other contemporary news reports have shown that India lacks skilled computer science graduates. The prime reason behind such situations in India is that the way coding is taught in school is not hands on. It is more about teacher teaching theories and students studying just to pass the examinations. But what if universities had tools that could bring in a new way of teaching that is hands on, tools that could bring in a new way to code and can give real time performance report on the teacher’s end. There are other online platforms like Hackerrank, Hackerearth and Codechef, but they target a global audience of developers and programmers. None of them are exclusively for universities and none of them have a classroom-centric model. Thus NextVAC provides universities and colleges a platform where students can code and compete with their peers under their teacher’s guidance. It has automated code evaluation judge to check the codes written and several other features to keep the students engrossed in their programming skill development. My friend and I have been working on the NextVAC platform for the past 5 months. It started as a small hackathon project but slowly we scaled it up as a developed platform where hundreds of students can code. Tools Used: Front End: 1. HTML, CSS and JS 2. jQuery 3. Bootstrap Framework 4. Fusion charts 5. Other JS based libraries like screenfull js, list.js etc, Backend: 1. PHP 2. MySQL 3. Shell Scripting Hosting platform: AWS Details of the NextVAC platform: We have compiled all the details of the project in the following two videos.
    • The video at: explains our value proposition.
    • The video at: gives a quick demo of the product that we have built.
We are very excited about our project and we are very eager to launch and deploy it in full scale

Last Updated : 04 Apr, 2023
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