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Project Idea | Virtual Health Assistant

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2023
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Introduction: One of the most common problems faced by today’s people is a lack of knowledge of diseases and a lack of immediate first aid consultation. Due to this many people may suffer from physical and mental stress as they try to figure out the reason for their condition. In some cases, they even lost their lives and common diseases become life-threatening. Now Virtual Health Assistant comes into action. It is a web service in which the proposed system tries to eliminate users’ need to figure out their disease by giving them access to a centralized clinical repository in a much interactive manner. Users can also ask questions regarding their disease and even book online and offline appointments with doctors.

Our Webservice stores the Health record of the user on a remote server. User can enter the Symptoms or Disease and Our System try to figure out it and give the immediate action that user can take it may be some Home remedies or some emergency Medicine. In the end, a precise prescription is generated. What this Webservice can’t ensure is the accuracy of the health condition that the service arrived at, and thus in such cases, a physician must be contacted. Taking that case into condition there is one more feature that is an online video appointment in case of emergency and users can also book an offline appointment near their location.

Our Webservice is verified and authenticated by certified doctors and physicians, this makes it different from the existing system. It has a user-friendly interface, and it’s more accurate than the existing system has personal allergies are taken into account when recommending prescriptions to the user/patient. It also includes online medicine delivery and medical testing at your doorstep.

In Our Webservice, there is a special section for COVID19 in which user can book their vaccination slots and COVID testing depending upon their location. Also, there is complete treatment users can do at their homes by certified doctors. Its also include COVID resources section in which user can get emergency medicines and other resources like oxygen supply nearby their location.


  • To give immediate and proper medication so that anyone with an internet facility can have access to it regardless of their time and place.  
  • To reduce the gap between users and doctors through online video facilities.
  • To help users to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • To reduce paperwork and automate the existing system.


1. Proper and Precise Medication: Our web service holds the health records of patients on a remote server and is verified by authenticated doctors. In this personal allergies are taken into account when recommending prescriptions to the user/patient.

2. COVID19: There is a Special section for COVID19 in our web service from where users can book vaccine slots nearby their area. It also provides Home treatment for mild COVID symptoms. There is also a COVID resources section from where you can get oxygen cylinders and emergency medicines.

3. Online and Offline Appointment: Another feature of our web service is Online appointments in which users can book a video call with doctors. They can also book an offline appointment with the doctors nearby their location

4. Online Medicine Delivery: There is a feature of online medicine delivery in collaboration with few pharmacies, users can order the prescribed medicines right at their doorstep.

5. 24 × 7 Support: Our web service provides 24 X 7 support to users. They can use it anytime anywhere.

Tools and Technology used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • API
  • Machine Learning
  • WordPress
  • Photoshop
  • Git/GitHub  

Required Skillset to Build the Project:

  • Deep Knowledge of full-stack web Development
  • Basic Knowledge of machine learning
  • Intermediate Knowledge of photo editing/video editing
  • Knowledge of Git/GitHub  
  • Proper knowledge of web architecture

Profile of Webservice:

1. Patient: Patients have access to their health records, their past assessments as well as access to new symptom assessments. Patients can also book appointments and order medicine.

2. Doctors: Doctors have access to their patient health records and can also see their appointments.

3. Pharmacies: Various pharmacies have the access to the prescription of a patient, should the patient want to order medicines online. These pharmacies deliver the prescribed medicines to the patient right at their doorstep

Number of Modules: Given below are the modules present in our web service

  • Login
  • Signup
  • Homepage
  • Diet Page
  • Exercise-page
  • Health-Details
  • New Symptoms Assessment
  • Assessment History
  • Covid-19  
  • Prescription
  • Medicine-delivery
  • Mail Report
  • Appointment-page

Step-by-Step Process to implement the project: Here we’re not going to code this project. We’re only giving the general way to implement the project.

  • First step is to design the user interface of the project which means how the project has gone look like in real.
  • Second step is to code the frontend of the web service using Html/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Third step is to code the back-end part of the website. We can use PHP to write back-end code.
  • Then we connect our web service to the database. We can use MySQL to create a database for our web service.
  • Last step is to host our web service on the webserver.  

UML Diagrams:

1. Entity Relationship Diagram:

ER Diagram of our Web service

2. System Architecture Design:

Output Images:

Application in Real Life: Many times people are suffering from an ailment, but they don’t know what must be done first hand. Instead, they tend to freak out and immediately try to contact the hospital. Thus, they do not know the standard procedure of first aid. Our web service will eliminate this problem by giving step-by-step procedures.  

Like now our country is facing this pandemic (COVID19). Our web service contains online video appointments in which users can get prescriptions from our specialized doctors and physician. Not only these users can also get online medicine delivery at their doorstep.

During any emergency situation, our web service will provide u the location and contact no of nearby medical facilities. This web service uses the latest technology and machine learning algorithms to process the data given by the user and generate the diet and exercise chart that helps the user to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Video Explanation: 

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