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Ordering Of Sentences: Verbal Ability Questions

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Re-arrangement questions are of two types: Sentence re-arrangement and passage re-arrangement. In sentence re-arrangement, we are given a sentence whose words/group of words are jumbled and we have to make a meaningful sentence out of it. In passage re-arrangement, we are given multiple sentences and we have to arrange them such that they make a meaningful paragraph.

Ordering Of Sentences is an important topic to prepare for the Verbal Ability section of the competitive examinations. So try and practice the following questions given below for scoring well in the exams.

Tips and Tricks to Solve Sentence Ordering Questions

1. Read all the sentences very carefully and then try to identify theme of the paragraph.

2. Identify all the keywords used and then try to link them with each other.

3. Check for grammatical errors and remove them while connecting the sentences into a meaningful paragraph.

Sample Questions on Sentence Ordering 

Directions (Q.1-5) In the following Sentence completion questions, the first and sixth sentences of a passage are already provided. The middle four sentences have been removed and shuffled up; they are labeled P, Q, R and S. Rearrange these four sentences in the correct order.

Q 1. Order the following sentences to from a meaningful paragraph
S1: The sun was setting, casting a warm orange glow across the sky. 
P: The trees rustled gently in the breeze, creating a soothing sound. 
Q: Birds flew overhead, their wings silhouetted against the sunset. 
R: The scent of flowers wafted through the air, carried by the wind. 
S: People walked by, enjoying the peacefulness of the evening. 
S6: The scene was like a painting, a perfect moment frozen in time.

Answer: The proper sequence is RQPS.

Q 2. Order the following sentences to from a meaningful paragraph
S1: The museum was filled with ancient artifacts from around the world. 
P: There were statues from Egypt, pottery from China, and armor from Europe. 
Q: Many of the items were thousands of years old, but they were still remarkably well-preserved. 
R: Visitors marveled at the intricacy of the designs and the skill of the craftsmen who created them. 
S: Some items were so delicate that they could only be displayed in special cases with controlled lighting. 
S6: Despite the crowds, the museum was quiet and peaceful.

Answer: The proper sequence is PQRS.

Q 3. Order the following sentences to from a meaningful paragraph
S1: The dog barked loudly, waking up everyone in the house. 
P: The cat hissed and ran away to hide under the bed. 
Q: The owner scolded the dog, telling him to be quiet. 
R: The dog wagged its tail, happy to have done its job of alerting its family to a possible threat. 
S: The owner checked outside and found that there was nothing to worry about. 
S6: Eventually, everyone went back to sleep, but the dog stayed awake, watching over its family.

Answer: The proper sequence is PQRS.

Q 4. Order the following sentences to from a meaningful paragraph
S1: The restaurant was known for its delicious seafood dishes. 
P: The chef was passionate about using fresh, local ingredients in all of his dishes. 
Q: The menu featured a variety of fish, shrimp, and lobster dishes. 
R: The waitstaff were friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. 
S: The restaurant was decorated with nautical-themed artwork and accents. 
S6: Diners could enjoy their meals while looking out at the ocean view from the restaurant’s windows.

Answer: The proper sequence is PQRS.

Q 5. Order the following sentences to from a meaningful paragraph
S1: The athlete trained hard for months to prepare for the competition. 
P: She woke up early every morning to run and lift weights. 
Q: She hired a coach to help her improve her technique and strategy. 
R: She studied the competition and analyzed their strengths and weaknesses. 
S: She visualized herself crossing the finish line first, feeling the thrill of victory. 
S6: On the day of the competition, she felt confident and focused, ready to give it her all.

Answer: The proper sequence is PQRS.

Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2023
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