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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 54 (On Campus)

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Pre-Interview Round:
Round 1:
4 sections:
*Communication Skills and English
*Software Engineering Aptitude
*Coding Questions
*General Computer Science

Each section has 4/5 sub-sections. And each sub-section had time limits.
Questions are of easy-moderate level. Speed is of utmost importance. One shouldn’t waste time on difficult questions.

Interview Rounds:

Technical Round 1 (45mins):
The interviewer was very polite and started off by making me feel comfortable with questions like “How are you feeling?”, “Had breakfast?”. She began with very simple questions first.

*Given an integer n, print a rhombus like pattern with stars.

Input: 4
  * *
 * * *
* * * *
 * * *
  * *

*Print a given number in words.

Input: 765
Output: Seven Hundred Sixty Five

*Given a string, format it as following:

Input: Oracle Applications
Output: O.Applications

*Given a linked list and a number k, reverse the list in groups of k nodes.
I was asked to write code for each one of the above.

*Basic concepts about OOPs.
*Example to explain Inheritance.
*Concepts on Destructor
*Camel and bananas Puzzle
*Candle burning puzzle

Technical Round 2(1hr 20mins):

*Concepts on function overloading – I was given erroneous pieces of codes. Asked to find mistake, correct them and explain what kind of error could it cause (compilation/runtime).
*Overriding of Methods
*ACID properties- Explanation with examples
*Runtime polymorphism with codes for virtual function
*Normalization of database
*What are deadlocks? How to avoid them? Handling a situation with semaphores
*Conflict Serializability

*Given an unsorted array filled with 0,1,2 (each having frequency>1), sort them in a single traversal of the array.
*Given a stack (linked-list representation), sort it in O(n) time. (Hint: Take another stack)
*Given a linked list, sort it using any technique. I had used merge-sort. I was asked to explain why not Quicksort. Also I was asked to derive the time complexites for worst and average cases of both.
*Detect and remove loop in a linked list.
*Print all possible root to leaf paths of a binary tree.
*Implement a queue using stacks
*Find the mirror of a binary search tree.
*Check if a tree is height balanced or not.
*Explanation of 0-1 Knapsack Problem with code
*Logic to find minimum number of nodes that would cover all edges of a graph. I was asked if I was comfortable in graphs. I said no, so he said, okay leave you dont need to write the code.
*Puzzle on apples,oranges and mixed fruits
1st statement says: Atleast 1 statement is wrong
2nd statement says: Atleast 2 statements are wrong
100th statement says: Atleast 100 statements are wrong
How many statements are right?

Technical Round 3(1hr):
*Basic questions on Java
*Advantages of RDBMS over file systems
*Explanation of my summer project at CNeRG
*I had a full stack web development project. I was asked about how I implemented its backend. I had to draw ER Diagrams for the schema. I had to write prototypes of all the functions that I had implemented. Make sure you keep your tables optimally normalized when you show it to them.
*I was asked to design a model of an application whose specifications the interviewer had stated. A layout of the UI and clear diagrams to explain the underlying operations was what was required. I mentioned functionalities to ensure scalability, space-time trade-off, ease pf customer usage and security. He asked me to write an encryption algorithm to store a password in a database. I said I dont know any standard cryptographic algorithm but I wrote code for a very basic encryption, by converting characters to their ASCII values and applying a function over them, and storing the resultant string. He seemed satisfied.
*He asked a few nested queries involving a lot of joins.
*He asked if i have any questions for him. I asked 3 questions regarding their ERP and Cloud services.

Final HR Round (15 mins):
*Tell me about yourself
*With a CGPA of 9, why would you go for a job and not higher studies?
*Why Oracle?
*What is it in your CV which you think is an achievement for you?
*Tell me about your interests
*Are you a leader or a follower?
*Give me 3 adjectives which your best friend would use to describe you.
*If I give full authority of your city for 3 hours, what are the changes you would want to implement and how.
*Location Preference
*Do you have any questions?

*Do not get nervous, maintain your calm. These are very nice people.
*If the interviewer asks for an O(n) approach and you are unable to think of one, tell him all the O(n^2), O(nlogn) approaches which come to your mind. Let them know that your mind isn’t idle.
*Keep a constant smile on your face, not just in the HR round, but in technical rounds too while convincing them with your solution.
*Be very thorough with atleast one subject apart from Algorithms. Preferably DBMS. Knowledge of Java is an added bonus.
*Be confident, but don’t sound arrogant,
*Keep calm, code and study GeeksfoGeeks. 😛

This article is contributed by Sudeshna Das. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using or mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

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Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2017
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