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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 40 ( FSS Application Developer )

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021

Technical round 

  1. Difference between c and c++
  2. Oops concepts (questions related to polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance). Write a code to show these things.
  3. What is recursion? Internal structure of recursion
  4. Questions on trees, stacks, queues. Code to find lca of a tree using recursion
  5. code in plsql(sum of 2 numbers)
  6. questions on dbms(normalization, forms of normalization, how to normalize a table).
  7. he gave me two tables and asked me to normalize it. And then asked me to write a sql code with some conditions(i had to use inner join)
  8. discussion on my project for 15-20 mins.(if you know everything about that project then mention it in your cv else not) 
    Normal question on technical round
  9. why oracle? My answer was.”It is a great platform to start our career… opportunity to learn new things
  10. being an etce engineer , how can you help oracle?
  11. Tell something about oracle

Hr round 

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  1. Three strengths(i had to give real life situation)
  2. Why oracle fss?
  3. Three weakness
  4. And many normal hr questions.

Be honest, don’t say “i don’t know”to any question, try to approach it and always ask question after the interview if he tells you to ask a question. 
Most important thing is before going to the interview get enough idea about the company 

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