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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 37 (Application Developer )

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Oracle Ltd. recently visited our campus for the role of the application developer. There were a total of 5 rounds (online test+3 tech interviews+ hr interview).

Online test was conducted on their own platform . It had 4 sections:-
-programming skills (flowcharts etc..)
computer science concepts (DBMS , OS , questions on trees )

The level of the questions was above average.

Out of around 70 students, 40 were shortlisted for the personal interviews.

1.Technical Interview(F2F):-

  • What if the difference between class and structure ?
  • Why use class when we have structure?
  • What are the differences between c and java?
  • What is the feature that makes java platform independent?
  • Detailed description(steps) of how a java code is converted into machine code.
  • 3 coding questions (complete code was expected)
    There are a sequence of words and the limit on the number of charachters that can be put in a line is given as 80. write code in a such a way that the given sequence of words is properly partitioned (after 80 characters
    in a line, a new line has to be started ) condition:- no word has to be split (partial placing of a single word in 2 adjacent lines is not allowed).
    Example:– if the sequence is “hi iam abc iam from xyz” and the limit=7, then the output should be:-
    hi iam (7 characters last character is space)
    abc iam(7 characters)
    from (had to split xyz entirely to the next line because “from xyz” crosses the limit 7
    – Modified Minimum cost path in a matrix (dynamic programming question).There is a matrix with positive and negative integers and few cells with “X” characters through which the path cannot be taken.
    *Code to find the minimum cost from (0,0) to (m,n).
    *Code for the actual path from (0,0) to (m,n) through which the cost is minimized (the optimized solution was expected).
    -There are a sequence of characters like “ABBAAADDEEBBD”
    *sort them on the order of occurrences, maintaining their order in the given string.
    output :- AAAABBBBDDDEE
  • Questions on internship project.

2.Technical Interview(F2F):-

  • How much would you rate yourself in coding?
  • 1 coding question (complete code expected)
    There is a bus stop where people have to form a queue. People forming the queue are numbered in the increasing order and are labeled with a character “E” or “B” where E says the person to stand at the end in
    the queue and B says that he should go to the beginning. If in the queue any person with bigger number stands in front of any person having a smaller number then the person with a smaller number raises an
    “unsatisfactory count”. For an input, string count all such unsatisfactory counts of all the persons.
    Example:- input string “BEEB”.
    output: -1110, because 4th person has got the label ‘B’ so he stands in front of all the first 3 persons… so all the 3 persons raise a count for the 4th person standing in front of them.
  • 1 Database question
    There is a car showroom which sells or rents cars of different models. A particular car model may have many number of cars (like there can be 20 Maruti alto cars). A customer can buy a car or take it for rent if he
    buys a car then the total number of cars of that model has to be decremented by 1 but if a car is taken for rent the number should not be decremented.
    *Interviewer:- Now, considering all the cases and conditions design a database for the system ( he intentionally did not mention any )
    **so I had shown 3 tables with all possible columns, an E-R diagram for the system, a sample J2EE servlet code and few possible SQL queries)

3.Technical interview(F2F):-

  • Write a recursive function for finding factorial ( all base cases were expected ) (this question was asked just to test my speed )
  • Why is your cgpa decreasing ?
  • What is your favourite subject? to which i replies mathematics
  • If you have 5 0’s and can choose any mathematical operator … get 120 out of those 0’s
  • Discussed about work at oracle in detail.
  • Questions on internship project.

4.HR interview(F2F):

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are the areas in which you think you have to develop?
  • Give a location preference .
  • Why did your cgpa drop so drastically in the fourth semester?
  • What are your hobbies?

Finally , they selected 7 students .

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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