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Oracle Financial Services Solutions Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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OFSS visited our campus for the role of Associate Consultant.

There were 4 rounds in all.

Round 1(Online Test): This round had an Online test that consisted of 5 sections.

  • First section contained quant, logical reasoning, programming fundamentals(data structures, trees mostly), another section consisted of OS, DBMS, CN, Computer Architecture(COA) ques which also had a few numerical which were of medium-high level. Next Section consisted of English, Comprehension, and the last section we had to write essays on given topics.
  • The difficulty of questions were medium although quant and logical reasoning were the toughest of all. The test was for 2 hrs and one can take a break after completing one section.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1 ): This round was Technical Interview 1 round where the interviewer asked me to tell me about myself and asked some ques related to my project.

  • He then dug deep into my project and gave me different use cases.
  • Further, he started asking me ques about what I had mentioned in my resume. OOPS concept, CyberSecurity, and since I had done my project using NoSql database(MongoDB), he asked me to differentiate between SQL and NoSQL databases, and why I used it.

He then asked me to open notepad and write following codes:

  1. Show an example of inheritance in java.
  2. Reverse a string(psuedo code).
  3. Print your name in alphabetical order.
  4. How to use bootstrap to make your web-app mobile responsive?

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): This round was Technical Interview 2 round in which the interviewer asked me about the current technological advancements and the ones which I had mentioned in my resume. He further asked me about the difference between NoSQL and SQL databases.

He then threw some sample use cases to me like

  1. Why Netflix suggesting a movie to be different to what it suggests to you?
  2. Which companies SQL and NoSQL databases and why?
  3. What are the threats to the databases and how can one prevent and tackle a threat to the database?

He was very much impressed by the answers that he got, and focussed on my confidence and adaptabality.

Round 4(HR Interview): I was selected for the HR Interview and it had the following ques:

  1. Experience so far.
  2. If you have a friend and you don’t like him/her at all but is in your team how will you manage?
  3. Strengths and Weakness.
  4. Your lowest point and how did you overcome it.
  5. General practical use cases(answer what you feel is correct approach).

Be confident, they do not expect that you know everything, they look at your approach and how do you answer a particular problem.

Thank You geeksforgeeks !!

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