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Oracle Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2019
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Round 1:

The first round was online test which consists of 110 MCQs  you have to answer  in 120 minutes

the subjects are  logical thinking, quantitative analysis, English grammar and paragraph based questions

then it has questions about OS, DBMS, Data Structures(more questions about BST and AVL), Algorithms (complexity), few questions about Software Engineering.

one questions in compiler design(in which stage of compiler uses syntax table).

the questions are not though but we have to complete in time each sections had time limit.

Out of 200 students 40 were shortlisted for next round .

Round 2:(Technical Interview Round-1)

This round went for 45 minutes.

1.Just brief about your project.

2.What will happen in backend when type “”.

3.coding question

4.Explain bubble sort.

5.What are other types of sorts available which is best.


7.What are different types of database available and explain those(structured database and unstructured database).

8.Tell about mongoDB(because it was mentioned in my resume).

Round 3: (Technical Interview Round-2)

this round went for 1 hour.

for few minutes it was like rapid fire.

1.Tell me about your self.

2.Tell about your project.

3.Which language are you familiar(i told java).

4.What are major components in oops(encapsulation, abstraction, Polymorphism, inheritance).

5.Interviewer asked me lot of questions on polymorphism it went very deep.

6.Interviewer asked me do you know what is garbage collection.

7.What are conditions for deadlock.

8.What is thread.

9.How to provide synchronization  in java.(i told we can do it by using synchronized keyword).

10.What is normalization and explain 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF with example.

11.Given two table T1, T2              T1:{EMPID, SALARY}              T2:{EMPID, NAME, DEPT}

Write SQL query to retrieve name of employee who as second highest salary.



14. Difference between deadlock and stravation.

15.What is semaphore.

Round 4: (Technical Interview Round-3)

The interviewer was bit strict.

It went for 45 minutes.

1.He told me to write code for quicksort. and what is complexity .

2.How to find shortest path between source and destination in given graph.

3.Then he asked me about do you know about public key infrastructure ?

I told no so then he asked me what is encryption, what is keys, what is public key what is private key and what is security        certificate   contain .

4.tell me about yourself. mobile call will get connect to receiver explain backend approach.

6.why do you want to oracle. you have any idea to go for higher education.

(at the end he told me speak louder).


Round 5: (HR-Round)

it was very easy.

it went for 10 minutes.

she just asked me about my area of interest.

tell about your family.

and normal conversation went about my college.

then she asked me about which  job location you prefer?





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