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Optum-UHG Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 28 Jan, 2022
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There was 3 rounds in total.

Round 1 (Written Test): It had MCQ and 1 coding question . MCQ’s were based on Computer Science Fundamentals and aptitude. and coding question was based on DP.

After test was over, it showed percentage scored.  

Round 2 (Technical Interview): Interviewer was really Friendly and cool. It started with normal conversation like tell me about yourself. Where you based and all. And then he asked me :-  

DSA question:  Buy and sell Stock , first he asked approach and then was asked to write the complete optimized code. He test it on multiple test cases. Overall he wanted to test whether my code was covering all the test cases or not.

Core Subject Related question like OOPS, DBMS.

It’s completely depends on the interviewer what he/she is going to ask. There was only one Interviewer. I was asked to code but some other candidates was not asked to code, for them it was only projects and core subjects or basics of DSA. So be ready with your basics or whatever you have mentioned in your Resume.

Round 3 (HR): It was over phone call and was very Basic , asked to introduction, extra curricular Activities, location preference and how was your technical interview round.

Finally Result Came and I was Selected.

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