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Optum(UHG) Interview Experience for FTE 2021

Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2021
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Optum (United Health Group) visited our campus virtually in September 2021 for hiring students for FTE 2021. Students were eligible with a CGPA of 7.0 and above.

Round 1(Online Assessment): Time: 90 Min

  • There was a total of 51 Questions including 50 MCQs and 1 coding Question.
  • In MCQs, there was 17 Cognitive Ability, 8 Cognitive Analytics, and 25 Technology Concepts questions were asked. MCQs were easy to intermediate level and One coding question was different for everyone. And there was total 100 marks 50 marks for MCQs and 50 marks for 1 coding question.
  • Around 70 people had cleared the first round.

Round 2(Technical Interview): This interview round was conducted on Microsoft Teams.

  • The interview duration was 30 min for everyone.
  • First, the interviewer asked me how was my day and then he asked me to introduce myself. As I told him that I am good at java and DBMS in my introduction he asked me that what I know in DBMS, I told him Join, Database language, Normalization, ACID property, etc.
  • Then he asked me explain normalization by using example without using definition I was able to explain all forms till BCNF, then he gives me one join related query and asked me what will be the output, after that he gave me 6 SQL clause select, order by, having, group by, from, where and asked me in which sequence these clauses will be executed, then he asked me is it ok to write where and having clause in a single query, difference between having and where clause, and among where and from which will be executed first.
  • Then he asked in which technology you want to work.

He asked me 2 coding questions:


He asked if I had questions for him, to which I asked about the things I wanted to know.

1.30 hour after my technical interview, I was called for the HR interview.

Round 3(HR Round):

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. How was your technical interview?
  3. Why Optum(UHG) ?
  4. Are you ready for relocating and what is the preferred location?

At last she asked me if I had questions for her.

Finally, 30 students from our campus were offered FTE and fortunately, I was also one of them.

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