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OFSS Interview Experience (On-Campus for APPS profile)

  • Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2019

Online Written Test:

Initially there was an online written test which lasted for around 2 hours . It consisted of 4 sections :

  • section 1 : Quantitative Aptitude and Logical  Reasoning.  It was further divided into 4 subsections out of which one had basic mathematics questions and others were based on basic logical reasoning . The key to solve this section was speed and accuracy .
  • section 2 : VARC . This section had some verbal ability and reading comprehension based questions .
  • section 3 :   MCQ based technical questions . Questions were based on DBMS, OS, DSA and CN.
  • section 4 : This was another technical MCQ section but questions here were on languages like c, c++, java, SQL and some basic OOPS concept . Some of these questions were output based while in some other questions one had to select correct code for the desired result.

Overall basic knowledge of the above CS subjects and mentioned languages would be sufficient.

Note : You are not allowed to switch between sections and questions in any section but you can always skip any question . These skipped questions appear again once you reach the last question . Hence do not spend too much time on any question and try to solve the easy ones first . In short, do not be a part of conquer the Russia syndrome.

Also there was no negative marking, so guesses were allowed .

Understand binary trees including BST and AVL trees thoroughly as most of the DSA questions were based on that.

Round 1: Around 40 students were selected for interviews including M .Tech.

  1. Initially he asked me to introduce myself . (Tip : try to focus more on technical stuff.)
  2.  Asked some questions on project . Since it was based on text encryption/decryption so he asked me to write the algorithm used for encryption, followed by some follow up questions and asked me whether it can be done by hashing . Also he asked me to write any hash function for the same.
  3. Asked me about some OOPS concept but I told him that I don’t know OOPS so he asked me questions related to DBMS (normalisation) followed by some SQL queries . Queries were based on truncate, drop, delete, group by and joins.
  4. Then he asked me what does the lock symbol on any web page means . I told him that it means that the connection is secure, so he asked me the difference between http and https and what ports do they use, followed by how does https ensure security .
  5. Then he asked me some basic questions on DSA – how can u check whether a linked list is a palindrome, reverse a linked list and some questions related to binary trees . The questions were easy.
  6. He then asked me what is the role of Captcha and what are the different varieties of captcha u have . He also asked me why google don’t use text captcha and how can we read these text captchas- Optical character recognition. I did not know the answer .
  7. He asked me about my internship projects .
  8. He also asked two puzzles .
  9. Then he asked me whether I have any question for him which he explained thoroughly .

Tip : Try your best to answer any question even if u don’t know the proper answer but do not say any irrelevant thing . If u have absolutely  no idea about the question then directly say that u don’t know and u will read  it after the interview as it is an interesting question .

Be extremely thorough with your resume .

This round went for about 45 min or so .

Round 2: It was a  technical + HR round . This round was entirely based on resume .

  1. Tell about your family background and why are you interested in CS being from ECE .
  2. She then went through my resume and asked somethings mentioned on it . She also wrote some points on it.
  3. Asked me about my internship projects . As they were based on ReactJS and Splunk, so she asked me how does any code written on a system in react converts into web page and how is it different from angular .
  4. Then she asked me what is splunk and some followup questions .
  5. Although most of the interview was based on resume but she also asked me some  basic questions related to DSA .
  6. Asked about any job location problem and if I have any question for her.

She had a sheet on which some questions were written that were mandatory to  be asked to everyone . These were not technical questions. Do ask questions in every interview if asked for.

This round went for 20 to 25 min.

Round 3: This was  HR round . It was hardly 15 min. Questions were :

  1. Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned in resume . To which I told him about my strengths and weaknesses . I also told him that I like watching TV series so he asked to name a few . He then asked me the genre of  FRIENDS(as I mentioned it) .Asked how is sitcom different from normal comedy .
  2. Why should I not hire you?
  3. Why are you sitting for CS companies  and that  I don’t think that you have much technical knowledge provided you said that you have interest in it .
  4. He also said that why don’t you accept directly that CS companies offer more money than ECE core companies and that it’s the money you are interested in and not the technology . To this I gave him some excuse and you should also be prepared for this scenario but don’t agree that money attracts you . In the end he was convinced with my answer . He did this to check how I react to stressful situations so be calm.
  5. Then he asked me how many companies I sat for and to my opinion what could have been their reasons to reject me and what did you do to improve .
  6. Then he asked me if I have any questions . I asked two out of which on one question he said that you should have asked it in earlier rounds as it was slightly related to technical stuff . So devise your questions accordingly . Ask  non technical questions in HR round .

Result : They gave me the offer for APPS profile .  I thank GeeksforGeeks for its assistance in preparation for placements.

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