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Node.js V8 Complete Reference

Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2023
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The v8 module exposes APIs that are specific to the version of V8 built into the Node.js binary.



// Accessing v8 module
const v8 = require('v8');
// Calling v8.getHeapStatistics()


{ total_heap_size: 6537216,
 total_heap_size_executable: 1048576,
 total_physical_size: 6537216,
 total_available_size: 1520717240,
 used_heap_size: 4199600,
 heap_size_limit: 1526909922,
 malloced_memory: 8192,
 peak_malloced_memory: 406408,
 does_zap_garbage: 0 }

The Complete list of V8 are listed below:

V8 Module APIs

V8 Module APIs


cachedDataVersionTag() Get the version tag derived from the v8 version.
getHeapSpaceStatistics() Get statistics about heap space derived from the v8 version.
getHeapStatistics() Get statistics about heap derived from the v8 version.

Serialization API

Serialization API


v8.serialize() Serialize any type of data into a buffer using default serializer.
v8.deserialize() Deserialize a buffered data into JS value using default deserializer.

Class: v8.Serializer

Class: v8.Serializer Methods


writeHeader() Write out a header, that contains the serialization format version.
writeValue() Write the serialized data of JS value to the internal buffer.
releaseBuffer() Get content of the internal buffer.
writeUint32() Write the raw 32-bit integer value to the internal buffer..
writeUint64() Write a raw 64-bit integer value to the internal buffer by splitting into high and low 32-bit integers.
writeDouble() Write a JS number value to the internal buffer. For use inside of custom serializer._writeHostObject().
writeRawBytes() Write a raw buffer data to the internal buffer.

Class: v8.Deserializer

Class: v8.Deserializer Methods


readHeader() Read the header and validate it, to ensure that contains a valid serialization format version.
readValue() Read the JS value from serialized data as present in a buffer.
readUint32()  Read a raw 32-bit unsigned integer value from the buffer. 
readUint64() Read a raw 64-bit unsigned integer value from the buffer as an array of 32-bit integers, higher and lower 32-bits separated.
readRawBytes() Read a raw buffer data from deserializer’s internal buffer of the given length.

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