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Node.js Path Module Complete Reference

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The Path Module in Node.js provides the utilities for working with file and directory paths.



// Import the path module
const path = require('path');
// CASE 1
// If "dir", "root" and "base" are all given,
// "root" is ignored.
let path1 = path.format({
    root: "C:\\ignored\\root",
    dir: "website\\dist",
    base: "index.html",
console.log("Path 1:", path1);
// CASE 2
// If "dir" is not specified then "root"
// will be used
// If only "root" is provided platform
// separator will not be included.
// "ext" will be ignored.
let path2 = path.format({
    root: "C:\\",
    base: "style.css",
    ext: ".ignored",
console.log("Path 2:", path2);
// CASE 3
// If "base" is not specified
// "name" and "ext" will be used
let path3 = path.format({
    root: "website\\",
    name: "main",
    ext: ".js",
console.log("Path 3:", path3);



Path 1: website\dist\index.html
Path 2: C:\style.css
Path 3: website\main.js

The Complete List of Path are listed below:

Node.js Path Module Methods


Node.js path.basename() MethodThis is used to get the filename portion of a path to the file. 
Node.js path.dirname() MethodThis is used to get the directory name of the given path.
Node.js path.extname() MethodThis is used to get the extension portion of a file path. 
Node.js path.format() MethodThis is used to return a path string from the given path object.
Node.js path.isAbsolute() MethodThis is used to check whether the given path is an absolute path or not.
Node.js path.join() MethodThis is used to join a number of path segments using the platform-specific delimiter to form a single path. 
Node.js path.normalize() MethodThis is used to normalize the given path.
Node.js path.parse() MethodThis s used to return an object whose properties represent the given path.
Node.js path.relative() MethodThis is used to find the relative path from a given path to another path based on the current working directory.
Node.js path.resolve() MethodThis is used to resolve a sequence of path segments to an absolute path.
Node.js path.toNamespacedPath() Method This is used to find the equivalent namespace-prefixed path from the given path. 

Node.js Path Module Properties


Node.js path.delimiter PropertyThis is used to get platform-specific path delimiter.

Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2022
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