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Microsoft Interview Experience for Hyderabad Office Team(2 years Experienced)

Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2020
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Round 1: 

  1. Find all the missing numbers from an array of size N whose elements belong to the range [0, N].

2. Check whether the given linked list forms a palindrome.

Round 2: 

  1. In a hypothetical scenerio, where each character is represented by a variable length ASCII value(1 Byte or 2 Byte). In this system, 1 Byte representation of character starts with 0 as the Most significant bit and 2 Byte representation of a character starts with 1 as the Most Significant Bit. A string of such unknown characters is converted into their respective Byte representation to form a resultant Byte array. This Byte array is the input we have, we need to remove the last character from the Byte array.

Round 3:

  1. Questions on my previous experience and project.
  2. Design a URL shortener. Asked many questions related to the design I made.
  3.  A question related to Greedy Approach.
  4. An example of a situation I faced in professional experience where I was involved in the resolution of a problem or challenge being faced by the project.
  5. An example of a situation where I faced an obstacle in the development scenerio and how did I overcome that obstacle.

Round 4:

  1. Again questions on the previous project.
  2. Give an example of feedback from seniors or manager of the team. Both positive and negative.
  3. Strengths in Soft skills and technical skills.
  4. A question related to the MS Paint. Given a grid of N*N, some of the cells are colored to create a bounded figure. Similar to MS paint’s fill colour functionality, when I click a cell (x, y) outside the bounded figure all the cells outside it should be coloured with the new colour, similarly inside. Similar to this link, but since it was a bounded figure I recursed it for all 8 directions.

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