Amazon Interview experience | Hyderabad (8 months experienced)

Amazon called for an interview for Hyderabad campus.

Round 1:  It was telephonic round where I was asked to code on a shared document during the call. The interviewer was friendly and provided hints when struck in between.

Questions asked were:

  • Find the longest contiguous sum in an array. (Kadane’s algorithms)
  • How will you find if there is a loop in linked list and extended to find its starting point along with mathematical proofs.

Round 2: After one week they called for a face to face interview at their Hyderabad campus. There were two technical rounds. Questions asked in the first technical round here were:

  • Given an array where adjacent elements in array differ by +1 or -1. Write a program to search a given number in the array. I answered with O(n) solution, he asked me to optimize further.
  • Given a number, write a program to find the square root of a number. I provided with O(logn) solution.

Round 3: In continuation to the previous round they conducted next technical round consisting of two questions.

  • Find kth largest element in binary search tree with optimizations and other manipulation.
  • Gives length of pipes in array. Find the minimum cost of joining these pipes to form a single pipe given the constraint that the cost of joining two pipes is equal to sum of lengths of both of them.

Round 4: It was a HR round, where the project manager briefed about the team I would be joining if selected which went around 10 minutes and later moved on to behavioral questions. It’s better to be honest here as they will grill through every detail you speak. The round went for almost 1hr and consisted mostly of standard HR questions. There was also some discussion on my projects as well.


Round 5: It was CS fundamental round mixed with few HR questions and 2 basic coding questions. They asked about Pointers, heap memory allocation, dangling pointers, paging from operating systems. There were few behavioral questions as well in between. The coding questions asked here were not difficult and looks like formality.


Verdict: Selected.

I thank geeksforgeeks for providing a platform for all computer geeks and bring awareness about lot of things they have to know.



  • Make a habit of putting code on the paper.
  • Be thorough with DS and Algo.
  • Make sure that you have knowledge of at least one subject other than DS and Algo for interviews.
  • Practice a lot. It makes you comfortable during the interviews.


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