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RazorPay Interview Experience for SDE-2 ( 2-3 years Experienced)

Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020
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Referral through a friend.

Round 1: The interviewer explained the question very well with examples and asked me to give an approach to solve the question. Gave Brute force first and then took the time to come up to this solution. He then asked me to code quickly while explaining.

Round 2: Design an in-memory RDBMS. They will give a specification sheet to design the DB. You are free to choose the language, DS, and approach. They won’t ask you anything and will ask you to code that on screen share.

Practice this before the interview as it is most commonly asked and the interviewer wouldn’t help you too. Features like table, rows, columns, insertion, delete, update, primary key, indexes, constraints on columns.

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