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Microsoft Azure – Using Power Apps in VS Code

Last Updated : 03 Apr, 2023
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In this article, we will learn how to work with your Power Apps directly from Visual Studio Code. The Power Platform enables business users to rapidly create low-code applications. Sometimes developers need to augment and customize these applications. In this video, we’ll take a look at how developers can do that with the Power Platform VS Code Extension.


 Step 1: Let’s start by creating a new portal app. First, we’ll give this a name and also an address. We use this to navigate to the app. Finally, we’ll change the language. And, create. 

  • In the portal app in the Power Apps Studio. Business users can change the portal website from here using UI editors.

Step 2: In here, there is a settings menu, and in the portal admin center. We need this URL later on, so let’s copy it. 

Step 3: Now we are in Visual Studio Code. We’ll go to the “Extensions” menu, and in here, search for Power Platform VS Code Extension. And install it. The extension offers how to complete, the Power Platform CLI, and more. We’ll use the Power Platform CLI to download and upload to the portal app.

Step 4: We need to authenticate to the portal Microsoft Dataverse environment. We’ll enter our credentials, and that’s it. 

Step 5: Next, let’s see the portal apps that we have. We’ll need the ID in the next command. This downloads the contents of the portal to this path. 

Step 6:  Now, we can open the folder with the portal contents. There is all the portal files. From, ‘web pages’ we can open and edit all of them. This is very useful for more advanced customization. 

Step 7: Let’s keep it simple with this HTML file. This is the About page, and we can preview it here. 

Step 8: We’ll save the file and that’s it. All we need to do now is to upload the contents to the Power Platform. We’ll do that from the terminal with the Power Platform CLI with this command. This points to the portal contents folder. 

Let’s take a look at the portal website and go to the About page. It will be changed from VS Code. With the Power Platform Visual Studio Code Extension, software developers can work on the same Power Apps as business users.

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