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MAQ Software Interview Experience (Aug 2019)

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Hello friends, In this article I am sharing my interview experience at MAQ Software and it’s application procedure. I applied through Cocubes ( I did not take pre-assess test but that position was open for all registered candidates).

Round 1: 

This is online round and consist 30 mcq questions related to quantitative aptitude and reasoning. It’s level was good. And four coding questions and python programming language was not allowed. Coding questions was very simple like :- find the nth term of fibonacci series or math questions. Suggestions:- For mcq questions prepare series (like A.P, G.P), time and distance, missing numbers in a sequence and math puzzle questions like:- Q- What is the next term in this series  W, I, T, N, T, I, T, –   ? Ans:- All the terms of this series is taken from the questions. ex:- W: What, I: Is . Important point to note that do all the coding questions.

Round 2 (Technical) :

 This was onsite round held at 

I.T.S Engineering College


Greater Noida. About 100 candidates gathered for interview. They were given us 3 questions. Q1-  Write a program to print Snake Ladder board and generate 5 snakes dynamically? (i.e Every time positions of snake is different when new game starts). Q2- WAP to print matrix in a spiral form? 

Q3- You have a aadhar database your task is to print the number of persons state-wise? After this round only 20 students out of approx 100 candidates selected. I am one of selected candidate.

Round 3 (Technical) : 

In this round they gave us 2 questions and we have to do it within 45 minutes. Q1- Given and array treat it elements like a bar in histogram find the maximum area under histogram?

Q2 – Write a recursive function to print the nth term of the given series? (Only using one function and without loops) 1,   2 x 3,   3 x 4 x 5,   4 x 5 x 6 x 7 ……………. Those candidates who done both the questions went for final interview questions related to resume.

Round 4 ( Technical ) :

 Questions were based on resume and latest technologies. As I build one website 3-4 month back, so interviewer told me to write a code for partitioning a web page into four different parts using html? And I wrote it and after that he told me you are selected and we reach to you for further steps and also gave me two books written by MAQ founder

Rajeev Agarwal. 

Book 1 – What I did not learn in IIT. Book 2- What I did not learn in B-School.    

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2024
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