Indus Valley Partners Interview Experience- Aug(2019) On Campus

Round 1: It was an Online test which was conducted on their own specific platform. The first part consisted of arithmetic Aptitude questions around 30 questions. Next part had logical reasoning questions followed by English questions were approx 20-25 each. Then was the final part of coding which was of 45 mins and 3 functional problems were given. Topic – Strings, array, trees. Approx 60 students appeared for the test. Only 10 Got shortlisted for next round.

Round 2: The next round was a Technical round. I was asked first about my brief introduction (Tip: Try to speak more about the internship and projects that you have done). The next was a few questions on OOPS concepts and detailed questions .  Then the interviewer jumped to data structures and asked question-related to array and trees(Longest common ancestor). Then, at last, a puzzle was asked to me. Practice as many puzzles as you can on the GFG portal. Only 4 students were selected after this round.

Round 3: This was a very crucial second technical round which is the Director round . The director had taken a telephonic interview where he started by asking about my internship and my projects and work i had done in internship(Tip : Be strong with internship projects and technical stuff related to projects ). He then asked a coding question which was on strings (To remove all the letter “A” in a string without any other data structure in O(n)). The last was the puzzle again and he expects only the answer not explanation so make sure you solve alot of puzzles before. At last he asked me any questions and i did ask . Only 2 students were selected for HR round.

Round 4 :This was just a formality round as HR asked me about internship and kind of technology  i had worked on . He later asked about the company and briefed me with the company details and package details . At last only 2 students were selected and i was one of them .


Tip :Be strong with OOPS, Data Structure, Puzzles, Internship Projects . At last it depends mostly on your fate so dontloose hope even if you are unable to qualify . ALL THE BEST!

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