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Mamsys Company Interview Experience for Software Developer

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Mamsys Selection Process:-

Mamsys is a USA-based software company. It was established in 2011-12. It works in many fields like AI(Artificial Intelligence), Health Sector, Software Development, etc.

The Selection process is very easy as compared to other companies.

These are a few steps

  • First, we applied through a job update organization whose name is FUEL, which is in Mohali. The company selection process was off-campus.
  • After applying, we received the mail and location
  • After that, they conduct four rounds of the selection process.

The first round was the Aptitude round in which they were given me math, reasoning, computer network, java, c++, DSA, DBMS, and OS-related questions.

The second round was a resume-based question-answer round.

The third round was the Technical round. in this round, they were asked basic programming, Basic Java, and Basic OOPS-related questions.

The last round was the HR round. in this round, they were asked about their personal life, their family background, their strength, etc.

This is all about Mamsy’s Selection process.

But unfortunately, I was not selected. I was rejected in the last round.

Last Updated : 03 Oct, 2023
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