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Lynk Interview Experience for SDE-2
  • Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2020
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Round 1:

It was hacker earth round .There were three question related to graphs and very complex. Even though all test cases did not pass, they have called for next rounds.

Round 2:

Discussion about the Segment trees .

How indexes are constructed in the Database

About the challenges and leanings in the current company.

Round 3:

Interview by a manager

Many questions about Rest

-How does rest work

-Rest Idempotent

-Does your current company practice all principles of Rest

-Explain statelessness and other rest related concepts

Many other questions related to System Design Concepts

-Explain Rate limiter

-What is Load Balancing

-Message queues and did you use them

-CAP Theorem

Data base related questions

-Why do we need Database

-Difference between btree and b+tree

Significance of left outer join


Few questions around trees .

Why Lynk?

Why should we hire you ?

Round 4:

Its a telephonic round with the CPO . He was very friendly . They want to evaluate if my previous work will contribute to their company if selected. The main objective was to understand the work and projects I have been doing .

Questions about the architecture of the product and if it is multi tenant architecture .

Questions about my contribution to the projects mentioned in the resume.

It lasted for 30 mins.

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