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Lynk Logistics First online round | On-Campus
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2019

Round 1:

The first round was online on campus..

The compiler was really bad … it was like notepad and we had to write the code from scratch..

Any of my mates was not able to run or compile the code …

If we navigated away from problem 1 to 2 then all the code of solution 1 vanished… it was really irritating

Still I would tell the questions

there were three coding questions and that was it..

Problem 1:   .. modification of this..

as if cheating is allowed what would be the minimum number of stones to be added to the pile so that nim doesn’t win the game

Problem 2:

given a number a and another b.. in the closed interval a, b find the number of integers such that their sum of digits… and sum of square of digits.. is prime..

Problem 3:

String reduction


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