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JP Morgan (Software Profile) On Campus Interview Experience

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Round 1: It was an online test. It consisted of two programming questions hosted on hackerrank platform.

  • First was simple buy and sell. But there was a condition that profit earned should be in minimum time, i.e. the time gap should be minimum.
  • The second was alike (I don’t exactly remember) but a simple max sum subarray that adds up to a certain sum (Like

After Round 1 Out of around 400 students, 88 were shortlisted for the technical interview process.

Round 2: It was a Technical round. First, he asked me to introduce myself and walk him through my resume. In this mention the things that you want your interviewer to know like I mentioned my scholarship, my patent, my internships. Then he asked me a couple of questions about my project(also let him open my GitHub, as it proves a sense of authenticity). Then he asked the languages, I code. I told him Java, then he asked me concepts of OOPS, their real-life and programming implementation. Then he asked me to design the lift. Here beware the interview did not want the code. He wanted the implementation of OOPS, so I made abstract class, an interface, and implementation in Apartment class. Then he felt impressed and let me go.

After this round around 32 students were selected and I was one of them.

Round 3: It was Technical round two, it was the toughest I feel. Here he asked about 5 try and catch scenarios. Difference between exception and error. Then he gave a program of 3 class inheritance, an interface and he wanted to flow exception from child classes to grandparent class. Then he asked me DP questions (medium level), kadane’s algorithm and then a matrix problem. I did not get the matrix problem right but was letting the interviewer know my thoughts, so he guided me the right way and then I got the answer.

After conducting all the interviews, I was selected for the next round.

strong 4: Here he asked me simply wall him through my resume. Then he asked a few Java questions and 2 coding questions. Then he asked me to explain my project. Then he asked Why JP Morgan, if not JP morgan then what?, etc. (The trick is to not sound sloppy towards JP Morgan and also let him know that I admire the company, study statistic of the company before this round for 2-3 minutes). He then asked me why I chose Java and differences between Java, C++, Python, C. He was quite impressed with me, and so I was asked to move to HR.

Round 5: This was HR round. Hr asked me how was my day with all interviews, and then asked me a couple of things of resume. He asked of my future plans. He asked me a couple of related to the field I want to work, the type of people, etc. He then asked my family background.
That’s it!! At the end of the day, results were announced and I was one of the selected candidates.

My advice to all candidates will be to make a good resume and write only those skills and projects, which you know. I would like to thanks GeeksforGeeks deeply for providing with good set of questions to practice and the interview experiences, which really helped in my selection procedure. That’s my interview experience for JP Morgan Software Engineer Profile.

Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2019
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