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JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) Interview Experience | Set 6 (For Analyst profile)

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Round 1: (Written)

  • General Aptitude (60 questions in 30 minutes)
  • Programming MCQ (30 questions in 15 minutes)
  • Two programming (Tree and DP) (2 questions in 30 minutes).

Round 2: (Interview)

As we are looking for the post of Analyst majority of questions were from probability.

  • Calculate the maximum payoff on rolling the dice once or again if not satisfied with the first roll and choosing the second roll whatever value appears as the choice (if chose to roll again).
  • What is the Expectation of getting 5 on a roll of a dice?
  • How many times is a dice to be rolled to get 3 on dice?
  • 10 dices are rolled what is the probability of getting 35.
  • How to get normal distribution from the uniform distribution (Box Mueller method is not a complete answer).
  • Why use the square in the least square norm minimization problem, why not cube or quad.

Not able to make up to 3rd round which is the last round. Heard that ML questions were mainly asked.

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Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2017
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