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JP Morgan Chase Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022-23

Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2023
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JP Morgan Chase & Co. visited our college during the 6th Semester to hire Full-Time Software Engineers for the year 2023.

Eligibility Criteria: B.Tech/BE/MCA  Students with >= 7 CGPA (until date) from CS/IT/Electronics and other circuital branches.

Hiring Process (March – June 2022):

  • Coding Round
  • HireVue Interview
  • Code for Good Hackathon

Round 1: Coding Round (March): It was conducted on the HackerRank platform consisting of two coding questions for 60 mins. The level of questions was easy to medium and having a good grasp on DSA fundamentals will help one easily clear this round.

Round 2: HireVue Interview (March): Everyone who clears the coding round will get an auto-generated mail from JP Morgan for the HireVue Interview invite within a few days. It is conducted on the HireVue Platform with a duration of 30 mins. In this round, two behavioral questions are asked. Questions will be flashed on the screen and you are supposed to record each of your answers.

Note: You will be given a maximum of two attempts to record your answer and a practice question as well at the start to familiarize you with the format.

Questions asked were:

  • Narrate an incident where you got in conflict with your team member in a project and how did you deal with it?
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years?


  • Try to be natural and fluent when speaking, treat it like a conversation highlighting your key qualities relevant to the question clearly and concisely.
  • Dress formally and be in a disturbance-free environment.

Round 3: Code for Good Hackathon 2022 (11th – 12th June)

  • It was a 24-hour hackathon conducted on the Zoom Meeting platform and used platforms like Slack and BeMyApp for communication between JPMC and participants.
  • After HireVue Interview within 40-45 days, a list of 35 shortlisted students is shared who then participate in the Code for Good Hackathon(CFG).
  • In this hackathon, you are put in a team of around 7-8 participants from different colleges across the country and various NGOs present their problem statements to all the teams.
  • Don’t worry you will know about your team members around 2 days before the hackathon, so could connect and discuss which all technologies your team as a whole is comfortable in.
  • Finally, your team starts working on a problem statement provided by one of the NGOs and implements a solution for the same using technology.
  • You shall be accompanied by two mentors in your zoom meet who will monitor your work throughout the hackathon.
  • During the hackathon, they might call you in for a one-to-one interview which in my case lasted for about 30 minutes talking about what I was working on, my current progress, and the logic of implementation. 
  • They asked me about some of the projects in my resume and my interest in technology in general. It was more like a conversation than an Interview.
  • We finally completed our Implementation and submitted our project code along with its demo before the deadline.
  • Overall, It was a wonderful experience where we learned how to work in a challenging environment by collaborating with a team and building a solution that promotes tech for good as a part of CFG’s initiative.

Finally, after about 40 days result was declared, and 21 out of 35 students were selected to join the firm full-time for 2023 and I was one of them.

Some general suggestions and tips:

  • Learn and have a decent idea about either Web/App Development.
  • Projects were usually made using technology stacks like React, Django, Flask & Flutter so a good idea about frontend/backend development using either could be useful for the CFG hackathon.
  • Don’t worry if your team isn’t selected for the finals, full-time offers are based on your individual performance so make sure to give your 100%.
  • Before CFG Hackathon various workshops would be conducted to make you familiar with git, GitHub, and the format of the hackathon.
  • In case you get stuck during your hackathon with a problem you can connect with Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) to help you out.
  • Read GFG Archives as they help you get a good idea about the Real Interview experience.

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