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JavaScript Programming Examples

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The JavaScript Programming Examples are the best way to practice and learn JavaScript questions. This JavaScript Examples are categorized based on the topics, including Objects, Functions, Arrays, Strings, DOM, and many more. These programming examples contain all possible approaches to solve the problem.

JavaScript Examples

JavaScript Examples

Introduction to JavaScript
JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Programming Examples Topics

ES6 Questions

1Difference between ES6 and TypeScript
2How to check two numbers are approximately equal in JavaScript?
3How to declare variables in different ways in JavaScript?
4How to replace the names of multiple object keys with the values provided using JavaScript?
5How to get the first non-null/undefined argument in JavaScript?
6Shorthand Syntax for Object Property Value in ES6
7Motivation to bring symbols in ES6
8What are decorators and how are they used in JavaScript?
9How to use Typescript with native ES6 Promises?
10How to clone array in ES6?
11Array Helper Methods in ES6
12How to dynamically load JS inside JS?

Objects Questions

1How to check if a value is object-like in JavaScript?
2How to compare two objects to determine the first object contains equivalent property values to the second object in JavaScript?
3How to check if the provided value is an object created by the Object constructor in JavaScript?
4How to convert two-dimensional array into an object in JavaScript?
5How to create an object from two arrays in JavaScript?
6JavaScript | Get the index of an object by its property.
7How to use array that include and check an object against a property of an object?
8How to print object by id in an array of objects in JavaScript?
9How to create dynamic values and objects in JavaScript?
10How to add a property to a JavaScript object using a variable as the name?
11How to implement a filter() for Objects in JavaScript?
12How to get all the methods of an object using JavaScript?
13How to convert an Object {} to an Array [] of key-value pairs in JavaScript?
14How to iterate over a JavaScript object?
15How to add an object to an array in JavaScript?
16How to get the last item of JavaScript object?
17How to remove Objects from Associative Array in JavaScript?
18How to remove duplicates from an array of objects using JavaScript?
19How to get a key in a JavaScript object by its value?
20How to push an array into the object in JavaScript?
21How to get a subset of a javascript object’s properties?
22How to check a JavaScript Object is a DOM Object?
23How to remove a property from JavaScript object?
24Flatten JavaScript objects into a single-depth Object
25Creating objects in JavaScript (4 Different Ways)
26Convert URL parameters to a JavaScript Object

Functions Questions

1Functions in JavaScript
2Difference between regular functions and arrow functions
3How to iterate over a callback n times in JavaScript ?
4How to negate a predicate function in JavaScript ?
5How to make a word count in textarea using JavaScript ?
6How to add an element horizontally in Html page using JavaScript?
7How to add fade-out effect using pure JavaScript ?
8How to add fade-in effect using pure JavaScript?
9How to implement a function that enable another function after specified time using JavaScript ?
10Ways to implement Object.values() in JavaScript
11How to get the index of the function in an array of functions which executed the fastest in JavaScript?
12How to find out the caller function in JavaScript?
13When to use PreventDefault( ) vs Return false in JavaScript?
14What is the difference between call and apply in JavaScript?
15Using the function* Declaration in JavaScript
16Create a Mobile Toggle Navigation Menu using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
17How to change the value of a global variable inside of a function using JavaScript ?
18How to wait for a promise to finish before returning the variable of a function?
19How to override a JavaScript function ?
20How to include a JavaScript file in another JavaScript file ?
21How to get the javascript function parameter names/values dynamically?
22How to declare the optional function parameters in JavaScript ?
23How to check a function is defined in JavaScript ?
24How to measure time taken by a function to execute using JavaScript?
25Passing a function as a parameter in JavaScript
26How to call function from it name stored in a string using JavaScript?
27How to create a function that invokes each provided function with the arguments it receives using JavaScript ?
28How to create a function that invokes function with partials appended to the arguments in JavaScript ?
29How to remove the key-value pairs corresponding to the given keys from an object using JavaScript ?
30How to create a function that invokes each provided function with the arguments it receives using JavaScript ?

Recursion Questions

1Count pairs up to N having sum equal to their XOR
2Count substrings having frequency of a character exceeding that of another character in a string
3Sort the array using slow sort
4Subtract 1 from a number represented as Linked List
5Maximize sum of odd-indexed array elements by repeatedly selecting at most 2*M array elements from the beginning
6Count ways to represent a number as sum of perfect squares
7Number of M-length sorted arrays that can be formed using first N natural numbers
8Program to insert an element at the Bottom of a Stack
9Generate an array representing GCD of nodes of each vertical level of a Binary Tree
10Minimum number of cameras required to monitor all nodes of a Binary Tree
11Maximum number of plates that can be placed from top to bottom in increasing order of size
12Median of all nodes from a given range in a Binary Search Tree ( BST )
13Largest element in an N-ary Tree
14Lowest Common Ancestor of the deepest leaves of a Binary Tree
15Sum of subsets nearest to K possible from two given arrays
16Minimum cost of purchasing at least X chocolates
17Maximize cost of forming a set of words using given set of characters
18Maximum product of a pair of nodes from largest connected component in a Graph
19Count paths in a Binary Tree consisting of nodes in non-decreasing order
20Tower of Hanoi
21Length of longest subset consisting of A 0s and B 1s from an array of strings
22Check if a path exists from a given cell to any boundary element of the Matrix with sum of elements not exceeding K
23Modify Binary Tree by replacing each node with the sum of its Preorder Predecessor and Successor
24Maximum score possible by removing substrings made up of single distinct character
25Count all unique outcomes possible by performing S flips on N coins
26Length of the longest path ending at vertex V in a Graph
27Generate all possible combinations of K numbers that sums to N
28Minimize difference between sum of two K-length subsets

Math Questions

1How to add float numbers using JavaScript ?
2Currency Converter in JavaScript
3How to get median of an array of numbers in JavaScript ?
4Round off a number to the next multiple of 5 using JavaScript
5Convert a negative number to positive in JavaScript
6Find quotient and remainder by dividing an integer in JavaScript
7How to flatten a given array up to the specified depth in JavaScript ?
8How to get the standard deviation of an array of numbers using JavaScript ?
9How to evaluate binomial coefficient of two integers n and k in JavaScript ?
10How to calculate greatest common divisor of two or more numbers/arrays in JavaScript ?
11How to test a value x against predicate function and returns fn(x) or x in JavaScript ?
12How to check two numbers are approximately equal in JavaScript ?
13How to create slider to map a range of values in JavaScript ?
14RMS Value Of Array in JavaScript

Array Questions

1How to get removed elements of a given array until the passed function returns true in JavaScript ?
2How to filter values from an array for which the comparator function does not return true in JavaScript ?
3How many numbers in the given array are less/equal to the given value using the percentile formula ?
4How to remove specific elements from the left of a given array of elements using JavaScript ?
5How to convert a 2D array to a comma-separated values (CSV) string in JavaScript ?
6How to count number of occurrences of repeated names in an array of objects in JavaScript ?
7How to count number of data types in an array in JavaScript ?
8How to remove falsy values from an array in JavaScript ?
9How to move specified number of elements to the end of an array in JavaScript ?
10How to flatten a given array up to the specified depth in JavaScript ?
11How to get the standard deviation of an array of numbers using JavaScript ?
12How to get symmetric difference between two arrays in JavaScript ?
13How to get n largest elements from array in JavaScript ?
14How to find every element that exists in any of two given arrays once using JavaScript ?
15How to find all elements in a given array except for the first one using JavaScript ?
16How to remove n elements from the end of a given array in JavaScript ?
17How to create an object from two arrays in JavaScript?
18How to create a string by joining the elements of an array in JavaScript ?
19How to splice an array without mutating the original Array?
20Swapping two array elements in a single line using JavaScript
21How to create HTML list from JavaScript array ?
22How to get the same value from another array and assign to object of arrays?
23How to truncate an array in JavaScript ?
24How to print object by id in an array of objects in JavaScript?
25How to convert a number into array in JavaScript ?
26How to print unique elements from two unsorted arrays using JavaScript ?
27How to transform a JavaScript iterator into an array?
28How to add elements to an existing array dynamically in JavaScript ?
29How to replace an item from an array in JavaScript?

DateTime Questions

1How to calculate days left until next Christmas using JavaScript ?
2How to get tomorrow’s date in a string format in JavaScript ?
3How to convert UTC date time into local date time using JavaScript ?
4How to check for two timestamp for the same day?
5How to get seconds since epoch in JavaScript?
6How to compare date part only without comparing time in JavaScript?
7How to check the input date is equal to today’s date or not using JavaScript ?
8Get the relative timestamp difference between dates in JavaScript
9How to check if one date is between two dates in JavaScript ?
10How to check if the given date is weekend ?
11How to format current date in MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS format using JavaScript ?
12How to convert date to another timezone in JavaScript ?
13How to check if date is less than 1 hour ago using JavaScript ?
14How to check a date is valid or not using JavaScript ?
15How to get the day and month of a year using JavaScript ?
16How to store all dates in an array present in between given two dates in JavaScript ?
17How to convert seconds to time string format hh:mm:ss using JavaScript ?
18How do you display JavaScript datetime in 12 hour AM/PM format?
19JavaScript | Converting milliseconds to date.
20How to calculate the date three months prior using JavaScript ?
21How to calculate minutes between two dates in JavaScript ?
22How to calculate the yesterday’s date in JavaScript ?
23How to get the first day of the year in JavaScript ?
24How to get the first and last date of current month using JavaScript ?
25How to remove time from date using JavaScript ?
26How to get the current date in JavaScript ?
27How to get the current date and time in seconds?

String/Text Questions

1How to convert a string into a integer without using parseInt() function in JavaScript ?
2How to generate all combinations of a string in JavaScript ?
3How to replace line breaks with <br> using JavaScript ?
4How to split multiline string into an array of lines in JavaScript ?
5How to convert image into base64 string using JavaScript ?
6How to check whether a passed string is palindrome or not in JavaScript ?
7How to get the number of occurrences of each letter in specified string in JavaScript ?
8How to find the longest word within the string in JavaScript ?
9How to find unique characters of a string in JavaScript ?
10How to create an element from a string in JavaScript?
11How to get the first three characters of a string using JavaScript ?
12How to check a given string is an anagram of another string in JavaScript ?
13How to create half of the string in uppercase and the other half in lowercase?
14Convert a number to a string in JavaScript
15How to get a number of vowels in a string in JavaScript?
16Difference between single-quoted and double-quoted strings in JavaScript
17Convert user input string into regular expression using JavaScript
18How to add method to String class in JavaScript?
19How to convert long number into abbreviated string in JavaScript ?
20How to get the longest string in an array using JavaScript ?
21How to remove all Non-ASCII characters from the string using JavaScript ?
22How to change the Content of a <textarea> using JavaScript ?
23How to globally replace a forward slash in a JavaScript string ?
24How to insert a string at a specific index in JavaScript ?
25How to create hash from string in JavaScript ?
26How to pad a string to get the determined length using JavaScript ?
27How to get nth occurrence of a string in JavaScript ?
28How to remove a character from string in JavaScript ?
29How to convert string into float in JavaScript?
30How to convert string to camel case in JavaScript ?

Regular Expression Questions

1How to replace line breaks with <br> using JavaScript ?
2How to clone a given regular expression in JavaScript ?
3How to convert a string into kebab case using JavaScript ?
4How to validate URL using regular expression in JavaScript?

DOM Questions

1How to store data in the DOM ?
2How to specify the URL that will process the data supplied through input(s) when the form is submitted?
3How to store data to DOM ?
4How to get elements of specific class inside a div ?
5How to check the given element has the specified class in JavaScript ?
6How getElementByID works in JavaScript ?
7What is shadow root and how to use it ?
8What is the use of the “no-js” class in HTML ?
9How to Combine multiple elements and append the result into a div using JavaScript ?
10How to get the information from a meta tag using JavaScript?
11How to check if an element is visible in DOM ?
12How to check a JavaScript Object is a DOM Object ?
13How to remove an HTML element using JavaScript ?
14Replace a DOM element with another DOM element in place
15Set the focus to HTML form element using JavaScript

JSON Questions

1How to read information from nested objects in DataTables ?
2How to Convert CSV to JSON file and vice-versa in JavaScript ?
3Working with APIs in JavaScript
4Difference Between JSON and BSON
5Difference Between JSON and AJAX
6How to convert JSON results into a date using JavaScript ?
7How to swap key and value of JSON element using JavaScript ?
8How to send a JSON object to a server using Javascript?
9How to Convert JS Object to JSON String in JQuery/Javascript?
10How to convert JSON data to a html table using JavaScript/jQuery ?
11Deserializing a JSON into a JavaScript object
12How to pretty print JSON string in JavaScript ?
13JavaScript | Check if a key exists inside a JSON object
14JavaScript | How to add an element to a JSON object?
15JavaScript | Remove a JSON attribute
16Interesting facts about JSON
17Difference between JSON and XML
18Converting JSON text to JavaScript Object
19JSON | modify an array value of a JSON object

JavaScript Mini Projects

1Design a Text Editor using Javascript
2Generate a Random Birthday Wishes using JavaScript
3Design a Digital Clock using JavaScript
4Design a Todo List using JavaScript
5Create a Mobile Toggle Navigation Menu using JavaScript
6Simple Tic-Tac-Toe Game using JavaScript
7Design a Simple Calculator using JavaScript
8Design a Scientific Calculator using JavaScript
9Create an Image Lightbox Gallery using JavaScript
10Preview Image on click in Gallery View using JavaScript
11Add filter with Portfolio Gallery using JavaScript
12Create a Mobile Toggle Navigation Menu using JavaScript
13Create a Hoverable Side Navigation using JavaScript

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