How to get the javascript function parameter names/values dynamically?

Given any arbitrary JavaScript function and the task is to return the parameter names of the function.

Approach: JavaScript contains a method called Function.toString() which is used to represent a function code into its string representation. This method is used to get the parameter names/values.

  • First, get the function’s code to its string equivalent using toString() method.
  • Then remove all the unnecessary codes like comments, function body, white spaces and ES6 arrow (if any).
  • Identify the first occurrence of ‘(‘, it will be just before the starting of parameters.
  • The last character of the string will be ‘)’ which remove all comments, function body, white spaces, and ES6 arrow.
  • Also, the last character will be just after the end of the parameters.






// JavaScript program to get the function
// name/values dynamically
function getParams(func) {
    // String representaation of the function code
    var str = func.toString();
    // Remove comments of the form /* ... */
    // Removing comments of the form //
    // Remove body of the function { ... }
    // removing '=>' if func is arrow function 
    str = str.replace(/\/\*[\s\S]*?\*\//g, '') 
            .replace(/\/\/(.)*/g, '')         
            .replace(/{[\s\S]*}/, '')
            .replace(/=>/g, '')
    // Start parameter names after first '('
    var start = str.indexOf("(") + 1;
    // End parameter names is just before last ')'
    var end = str.length - 1;
    var result = str.substring(start, end).split(", ");
    var params = [];
    result.forEach(element => {
        // Removing any default value
        element = element.replace(/=[\s\S]*/g, '').trim();
        if(element.length > 0)
    return params;
// Test sample functions
var fun1 = function(a){ };
function fun2(a = 5*6/3, // Comment
    b){ };
var fun3 = (a, /*
    b, //commment
    c) => /** */{ };
console.log(`List of parameters of ${}:`, getParams(fun1));
console.log(`List of parameters of ${}:`, getParams(fun2));
console.log(`List of parameters of ${}:`, getParams(fun3));



List of parameters:
List of parameters of fun1: [ 'a' ]
List of parameters of fun2: [ 'a', 'b' ]
List of parameters of fun3: [ 'a', 'b', 'c' ]


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