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Interview Experience @
  • Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2020
Just want to share my interview experience @ so that its helpful for the aspiring ones.
Total Rounds – 6 ( 2 Telephonic Technical  + 2 Technical Onsite + 1 with CIO + 1 HR )
Duration : Spanned for 2 weeks ( due to personal commitments)


Round 1 :  
Q1 – Give an efficient algo to find if every nodes value is equal to sum of left + right node.
My Ans – Kinda Postorder traversal
Q2 – Give an appropriate DS to retrieve minimum from set of values
My Ans – Min-Heap & something else (don’t remember)
Q3 – Best DS to store and manipulate huge numbers
My Ans – Linked List


Round 2 :
Q1 Given a million strings , for the input string get count of anagrams of input string among the million . O(1) solution needed
My Ans – Modified Trie + Back Pointer
Q2 – Efficient Algo to find second shortest path in a graph given edges part of the shortest path
My Ans – Got to do with removing edge by edge from Shortest , find best second shortest so far .


Round 3 : This went badly 🙁
Q1 – Effecient Algo for Tower of Hanoi , Trace working , Time complexity derivation
       As a build up to this, given more than 1 auxiliary rod how would u change the algo for better        performance and drive/proove it
My Ans – Use DP to derive the new Time Complexity


Round 4 :
Q1 – Efficient working code to traverse tree level by level and print odd levels left to right , even right to left .
My Ans – Simple level traversal use 2 stacks.
Q2 – Given a sorted rotated array , efficient code to find element .
My Ans – Sime Binary Search + special conditions


Round 5 + 6 : Traditional HR questions , Why Bankbazaar ? etc. usual ones
Among all the questions I got everything right except the Tower of Hanoi (got stuck).


GeeksForGeeks thanks a lot ! for your question set helped me a lot, infact some of them are straight away the same.

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