BankBazaar Recruitment Process

  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2017

About Company :

BankBazaar is an online marketplace that gives consumers access to customized rate quotes on loans, credit cards or personal finance products such as insurance policies, bank loans and credit card offers. They offer their services through web and mobile platforms, through which consumers can search for offers, compare, and customize it.

BankBazaar won at the CMO Asia Awards 2016. has been awarded the ‘Emerging Brand of the Year’ and ‘CEO of the Year’ awards at 7th CMO Asia Awards in Singapore for Excellence in Branding and Marketing in 2016. BankBazaar was among the shortlisted fintech start-ups that got an opportunity to show a live demo of latest product offerings at the IFTA event in 2016., India’s leading online financial marketplace, has been adjudged the Best Financial Website by the Internet and Mobile association of India (IAMAI) at the 6th edition of the India Digital Awards which was held as part of the 10th India Digital Summit at New Delhi on 10 February 2016. Know more about Bankbazaar

BankBazaar LOGO

Recruitment Process :

BankBazaar conducts 5-7 rounds to select freshers as Software Developer in their organisation.

  • Online Round
  • Technical Round 1
  • Technical Round 2
  • Technical Round 3
  • Technical Round 4
  • Technical Round 5
  • Technical Round 6
  • HR Round

Academic Criteria :

  • 70 percent or above in B.Tech, Class X and XII.
  • No backlogs at the time of interview.

Online Round :
The online round is a coding round which BankBazaar generally conduct on hackerRank.

Technical Rounds:
The students who clear the written round are called for Technical Interviews. Technical rounds 1 and 2 are telephonic rounds and remaining are face-to-face interview rounds. To clear technical rounds, you should have depth knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms. You can also exoect design pattern based questions or to design a system. Students will be expected to write codes in the interview. They also ask questions from resume. You may be asked puzzles in this round. To be prepared for puzzles you can practice from our Puzzles section.

HR Round :
1. Tell me about Yourself
2. Why BankBazaar?
3. About Bankbazaar
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
4. Questions form resume

Questions Asked in BankBazaar :

  1. Clone a linked list with next and random pointer (Function Problem)
  2. Detect cycle in a directed graph (Function Problem)
  3. Fixing Two nodes of a BST (Function Problem)
  4. Pairs violating BST property (Function Problem)
  5. Longest Increasing Subsequence
  6. Search in a Rotated Array
  7. Jumping Numbers
  8. Inversion of array
  9. Sort the pile of cards
  10. Ticket sellers
  11. more >>

Interview Experiences

It is always beneficial if you know what it is to be there at that moment. So, to give you an advantage, we provide you Interview Experiences of candidates who have been in your situation earlier. Make the most of it.

Where to Apply ?

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