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DIA Interview Experience

Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2018
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Defence Intelligence Agency visited our Campus in Aug, 2018.

Firstly, they had a PPT.

According to them, selection for interview round was on the basis of CV but actually it was on the basis of CG.Some candidates were also picked up during PPT as well. There was only one interview round, which lasted for only 5 mins for each candidate.

  1. In interview they asked about favorite coding language.
  2. Then a question of file handling.
  3. Some candidates were asked questions related to socket programming like TCP header. Few were asked favorite code written till now.
  4. Then one question was related to CV.

Finally, after 3-4 days they gave the result in which only 3 boys were selected. And no girl was selected, because actually they have hostel for boys only. 🙂

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