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InfoEdge Interview Experience | Software Engineer On-Campus

Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019
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Round 1:  Online Multiple Choice Question Test

It was MCQ test on which consisted 40 questions.20 question of Aptitude(Quantative +Logical) and 20 questions of technical subjects as DS, C output based, DBMS, OS, Computer Networks etc.Both sections were 20 minutes time bound separately with average difficulty.

20 Students were shortlisted for interviews out of 130 students .

Round 2: Technical F2F Interview 

1.Tell me about yourself

2.Discussion on my Projects which included Machine Learning Algorithms i.e. Decision Tree, Deep Learning .

3. Some basic questions as:



4.Some Puzzles:

Temple and Flower puzzle

I was able to solve it but he asked for code also.I was able to write it .

5. Questions on OOP concepts as

Difference between abstraction and encapsulation, overriding and overloading, compile time and run time polymorphism, vtable and vptr and much more.

Why java is robust and secure than C++. Various questions on Exception Handling, Thread Support, References, Copy Constructor etc.

Relational Schema of Facebook and its various keys with graph traversal.

After this round 6 Students were selected for further rounds.

Round 3:Technical Interview F2F 

It was started with my Projects discussion and then shifted to Coding Questions .Question were tricky and had moderate difficulty level.




iv)There was a rectangle given parallel to x-axis and y-axis and a ball having co-ordinates in rectangle and an angle for direction .find out equation of line and path of it with further collision of it to boundaries of rectangle.

v)Some questions related to data structures as linked list nth node from last and graph traversals.

Tip:Be confident and prepare everything written on resume.

Round 4 : HR Round 

There were basic questions as

i)Tell me about yourself and Family Background

ii)Why InfoEdge

iii)Preferred languages and interests after joining InfoEdge

iv)Hobbies and strengths and any future plans

At last she asked if I had any Questions…

Finally 4 Students were offered job and I was one of them.

Thanks to God, parents and Geeksforgeeks for helping me to get selected in interview.

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