InfoEdge India LTD Interview for Software Testing Engineer

Round 1

Online round: This round took place on the platform. There were 3 sections: first was a quantitative aptitude questions (around 10 questions), second section comprised of 5 Java output type MCQs, and the last section had 2 coding questions in Java.

Coding questions were important as five students who got shortlisted had done both questions correctly.

Round 2

Tech 1: 30 students from different colleges were shortlisted. This round started with description of each of the projects mentioned in the resume. Then, OOP concepts were asked. Java concepts were asked thoroughly. Then the interviewer jumped to 4-5 puzzles because they wanted to check our analytical skills.

Round 3

Tech 2: 20 students were shortlisted and the head of the testing department took the interview. She started off by asking HR question, then jumped to functional/non functional situations (like login page). Then she asked 4 puzzles (water jug, bulb light etc).

Round 4

HR: Around 6 people were shortlisted and were asked about other job offers, where you stay, future goals, family background etc.

All 6 people were selected.

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