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IBM Interview Experience | On-Campus

Last Updated : 20 Mar, 2020
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The recruitment process consisted of 4 rounds, out of which the first two rounds were a bit different from other selection processes.

Round 1: Cognitive ability Game

This round consisted of 6 fun-filled mini-games. Our aptitude and Personality traits were tested in this round. Each game has it’s own time limit (Maximum of 5 minutes each). Before the start of each game you will be given a small practice session on the same. The games include

1. Shortcuts
2. Gridlock
3. Resemble
4. Number bubbles
5. Tally Up
6. Proof it

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Round 2: Online Psychometric Test

This round consisted of 10 sets of 5 questions each. Cognitive abilities, attitude, Personality, and knowledge were tested in this round.
They also check how honest you are. So try to give the same answers whenever similar questions are being asked.

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Round 3: Coding Round (1.5 hours)

This round consisted of 3 questions (1 DBMS and 2 shorting coding questions) The coding platform used was Hackerrank. We were asked to code only in Java.
1) A SQL query involving GROUP BY, ORDER BY, HAVING, WHERE clause and Aggregate functions
2) Print hollow square star patterns
3) A Program involving ArrayList of arraylists

Round 4: F2F Interview

In this round, first I was asked to explain the solution for the code given by me in the previous round. I was asked to explain as to why I chose that solution. Then, I was asked to write the solution for a simple pattern printing program. The next few questions were asked from the projects mentioned in my resume. Finally, I was tested in my area of interest. To know how good I was in my area of interests several real-time scenarios was asked.

Overall it was a very good experience.

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